Website Guide

Website Guide

Our header contains all the navigational options for our site. It is always available at the top of every page. If you can’t see it, make sure any white display windows are closed, and simply scroll up.

Secrets of Embroidery Site Help

1. Designs – this button appears on the top left of every page, so you can access all the designs on our site at any time by category and sub-category.

2. Stores – Use our Stores menu to select a designer’s store. From there you can use the Designs Menu to browse their Store Categories.

3. Search for Designs – this Search Bar is always at the top right of every page. You can search ALL our stores with this feature, or a particular store, when you are within one.

4. Our other Menus are always visible in the header of each page so you can visit specific pages under the Special Offers, New Designs and Projects, Bestsellers, Embird Software and Embroidery Help menus. When you are logged in as a Supplier or Customer, an additional menu will appear in this area.

5. There are additional links in our Footer which appears at the bottom of every page.


Designer Codes and Filenames

Our download files all use a three letter code that corresponds to the design store they come from.

You can find the descriptive name of your designs as well as their file code on your order confirmation email, as well as under Purchases when you login to My Secrets.

Below is a complete list of our design stores and their corresponding codes to help you organise and identify your download files.

AEM Art Embroidery
ALI Alinaline
ALS All Sorts of Embroidery
APE Ace Points Embroidery
AST Allstitch
ATD Artistic Designs
BES Baby Embroidery Shop
BES Baby Embroidery Shop
BJ Becky J Designs
CDN Creative Design
CMC Cuddle Me Crazy
CSS C Some Stitches
D4A Designs 4 Africa
DBE Designs by Celeste
DCD Erinas Designs
DDS Dianas Designs
DTH Dancing Thread
DTS Dainty Stitches
DVD Anandas Divine Designs
ELT Elite Designs
ENG Enigma Designs
ESP Embroider Shoppe
FTD Fancy That Designs
GFE Graceful Embroidery
HIA Hatched in Africa
HOE Heart of Embroidery
IMZ Inspiration Mutz
JFD Stitch Delight
KBK Kreations by Kara
KCD KC Designs
KKE Kreative Kiwi Embroidery
LMO Louisa Meyer Originals
MFL My Fair Lady
MLE Mar Lena Embroidery
MLM Molly Mine
NEC Embroidered Necessity
OBO One by One Embroidery
OC Odiles Corner
OIA Ovistin in Africa
OMA Omas Place
OSN Oh Sew New
OTE Oriental Embroidery
OUT Outback Embroidery
PET Designs by Petro
RCE Ronels Creations
SAZ SewAZ Embroidery
SHE Sweet Heirloom Embroidery
SBC Stitchbox Creations
SMH Mimis Sewing Studio
SML Sew Michelle
SNP All Stitches n Paint
SSO Stitch Soup
STE Stitch Emporium
TNS Embroidery Weekly
TOT Threads of Embroidery
WBE Wind Bell Embroidery
Devices and Browsers

Although this website can be used on all modern browsers, it works best in Chrome.

You will see a slightly different version of our website if you are using a mobile phone or tablet. If you are using a phone, tablet or iPad, make sure your device is not set to PRIVATE browsing. You may not be able to see our menus and shopping cart if your browser is set to Private. To turn off Private Browsing on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, open Safari and tap the Pages icon at the bottom right of the screen. Tap Private to turn private browsing off.

If you are using Firefox, Private Browsing is turned on when you open a New Private Window from the menu or choose Never Remember History under Options/Privacy/History. Change this option to Remember History. Using Firefox in Private mode, you may not be able to close our design overlays.