What is a Secrets Account?

Log in to your My Secrets area by using the Log In link at the top right of any of our website pages, then click on the My Secrets tab in our menu bar to access all of the features below:

  • Profile  – update your personal details, change passwords, subscribe to newsletters and combine email addresses.
  • Order History – See a detailed history of all your individual orders and download them again.
  • Purchases – Easily view all products you have ordered and download any again.
  • Secrets Bank – See the Reward Points you have earned and spend your Secrets Dollars.
  • Wish List – View all products on your wish list, and add them to your Shopping Cart when you are ready to order.
  • Free Tutorials – Download your free Embird tutorials. (only for owners of Carolyn Keber tutorials)
How do I make a Secrets Account?
  • Your Secrets Account is based on your email address. An account is automatically created for you if you place an order with our site, or subscribe to one of our free newsletters, using the email address from your order or subscription.
  • If you haven’t yet placed an order and would like to register a new account, use the SIGN UP link at the top of any of our website pages.
How do I change my password?

When an email account is first registered for you (by placing an order or subscribing to one of our newsletters), a computer generated password will be allocated to your account. Log in using this password, then choose your own by updating it from your My Secrets log in area.

Log in to your My Secrets and click through to the Profile area to update your password at any time.

Multiple Email Addresses

Use only one email address – Ensure you use the same email address for your newsletter registrations, orders and payments at Secrets of Embroidery. This way all your customer reward points and orders will always show in the one email account.

Email address for PayPal payments – If you are not logged in to your My Secrets account, and you use a different email address to make your PayPal payment, a new email account will be created with us under the PayPal email address. Make sure to log in to your My Secrets before you place an order.

Combine email addresses – If you have ordered from our site using more than one email address, you may want to combine the accounts so that all your orders and points are together. Log in with the email address you no longer want to use, then click through to Profile to combine the accounts.

Change your email address – If you have a new email address, just log into your account with your old email address and update your details by going to Profile.

Login / Password Problems
  • Our passwords are case sensitive, so make sure to use either upper or lower case letters as appropriate.
  • When you enter your email address and password, be careful not to leave a space before either entry.
  • If you still have trouble with your login, it could be due to your cookies, or temporary Internet files not refreshing, and enabling you to load a fresh page. Try deleting your cookies and cache, then re-start your computer to save the settings and try logging in again.
  • Your computer security setting may also be interfering with your login. Try adjusting your security settings.