Making a Purchase

Our shopping cart has been especially built for our website and is designed to make your experience with us simple and fast. You can browse our extensive website and choose from a variety of embroidery designs, projects and tutorials. Just like any large store, you can proceed to the checkout with your cart when you have finished.

As long as you are logged in to your My Secrets account first, you can add items to your shopping cart and they will be saved there until you complete your order at another session convenient to you, even if this is from another computer.

If you think you might like to make a purchase, just click on the Add to Cart button. You can always remove items from your cart later on by deleting them at the checkout.

If you are ordering an embroidery design, you will need to choose your format first from the drop down box next to the Add to Cart button

All prices are in USD

When you have finished shopping, click the Shopping Cart icon to checkout.

All the products you have selected will be listed there. Once your payment has been processed, designs and tutorials may be downloaded at once. Embird passwords will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Your Wish List

Your Wish List is a feature of the My Secrets log in area where you can save items you may wish to purchase at a later date. It is your list of personal favorites.

If you are placing a large order that can’t be completed in one session, it can be a good idea to add the designs to your Wish List in the first instance, where they will be safely saved until you are ready to finalise the order.

Once you have logged in, you can add any product to your Wish List by clicking on Add to Wish List next to the Add to Cart button.

You can transfer items from your Wish List to your shopping cart with one simple click, or from your shopping cart back to your Wish List.

Bonus Sets

If you order $35 or more of product from anywhere on the Secrets of Embroidery website (after any discounts have been applied), you qualify for a free bonus set of designs.

Our most recent Bonus Set will be automatically added to your shopping cart.

All current bonus sets can be viewed here.

You can change your Bonus Set at the checkout. In order to choose a different bonus set, click on the “change your bonus set” link.

This will take you through to the Bonus Set page. Then use the “select” button on the bonus set page to make your selection. Make sure you don’t use the “add to cart” button on the bonus page or you will be charged for the set.

If you complete an order and receive a bonus set you already have, just let us know the name of the bonus set you would like in exchange. We will then update your order and send you a new download link.

The Treasure Hunt

Our famous Treasure Hunt is held in February and August each year. Be on the lookout for hundreds of Treasure Sets hidden throughout our site. Look for the famous secret Gold Coins to identify $1 treasure, and the valuable Diamonds to mark some of our most popular sets for $5 or $10.

All Treasure Hunt orders will earn customer reward points, which can be redeemed at Secrets. You can also log into your Wishlist and see if any of your favourite designs are included in the Treasure Hunt.

Sales and Specials

Current Sales – All current promotions can be viewed within our Special Offers menu.

Discount Sale – This type of sale qualifies you for a specified percentage off the product price advertised on the design page. Any items that have a discount sale applied will show a colored sign beside the Add to Cart button. This sale will be shown at the checkout with the full product price crossed out, and then the sale price. The total is automatically updated to include the discount.

Gift with Order – This promotion entitles you to a free gift from the supplier when you order from them during the promotion. Sometimes a minimum order amount is specified to qualify for the free gift. The free gift will not show at the checkout until the minimum amount has been added to your cart.

Buy One Get One Free – Purchase one set, and get a second set of equal or lesser value free. The set must be purchased from the same supplier to qualify. You will be notified at the checkout if you qualify for a free set from a store running this special. Just click through on the link provided to visit the suppliers store, and add a second set of your choice to your cart. Now return to your cart. The set of equal or lesser value is automatically included FREE with your order.

Designs on CD

All our designs are available for instant download and we are happy to help you learn how to download them and how to copy them to a CD or other external media yourself, if you wish to retain a hard copy for your personal back-up. We don’t send designs on CD.

If you are unable to download, we can sometimes send your design files by email attachment if your order is small.


We offer two online payment options – credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) or PayPal account. Both types of payments are processed instantly using PayPal’s secure server, so once your order is completed you will be able to download your designs and be stitching within minutes.

From the checkout, choose your preferred payment method once you are ready to complete your order.

Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the processing on your order and finalize your payment.Payment is made on PayPal’s secure server.

You will have the opportunity to modify your order before payment is completed.

All prices are in USD

If you have any trouble completing your payment, transfer the items in your shopping cart to your Wish List so that they are saved and you can find them again easily. Delete your cookies and cache, re-start your computer and try ordering again.

Sometimes there can be a delay of a few seconds in the connection between PayPal and our website. Please be patient. If you click on the payment button more than once or refresh your browser, it can result in a duplicate payment. If you suspect this may have happened, just send us an email using the Contact Us link at the top of any of our website pages so we can check for you. We can process refunds for duplicate payments immediately.

PayPal eChecks: Sometimes a PayPal payment is processed as an eCheck. This happens when PayPal doesn’t have a record of a current credit card as a back-up to your account. eCheck payments remain uncleared until the funds have cleared from the sender’s account, which usually takes four business days. As soon as PayPal notify us your payment has been cleared, we will update your order and send your download link.