Stippling method in Embird Editor 2018 version

Well, I said I’d be back with a little lesson and now I have two of them up my sleeve. So I’ll write one today and another one very soon. Your patience is being rewarded. The lesson today is about creating stippling in Embird Editor 2018. You will not be able to follow this lesson unless you have the latest 2018 version of Embird, sorry.

Ready to go?

Open Embird Editor and then File/Open and select a lion design which is included with your Embird Program. Or use your own design – your choice

Once selected click OK. The file will then be showing on the Editor Design Page

With the design selected go to Insert/Fabric Flattening Stitches.

*Fabric flattening stitches are generally used to flatten fabric with a pile such as towelling, velvet or polar fleece so that the embroidery is more visible.*

In the Inflate screen that appears type in the distance from the design edge that you want the stippling to be. You might need to try a few different settings before you get it correct. Try 30mm and see what happens. You can always delete it and try a new measurement.

Click OK.

The Parameters screen will now appear. You need to change some settings –

Change the Fill from Plain Fill to Motif

Choose a motif from the Motif drop down box – I choose one of the Meandering stitches and while its not a perfect stipple like in a number of digitising programs, its all Embird users have to work with for now.

There are other settings which you can change as well such as Shift and Scale etc but you can experiment with these once you’re comfortable with the method. But for now we will just stick with the settings I have changed above.

Click OK

The Stipple will now appear on the Design Page with the Lion Design. The stipple will be behind the lion.

If you wish to remove the stitches behind the Lion then you will need to Mask the two designs.

Select both Objects and go to Edit/Stitches/Mask.

Adjust the Pull Compensation in the pop-up screen or just click OK.

The stitches will now be removed behind your design – I have moved the lion design aside in the image below so that you can see the stitches that have been removed.

You will notice that there are a number of jump stitches in the center of the design. If your machine has a jump stitch trimming function these should be cut when you are embroidering. ( Dont move your design like I have – or of you do then click Undo to return it to the correct position.)

Change the color of the stippling.

Select all objects.

Click on Join on the Tool Bar

That’s it! He doesnt look too bad, does he?

Now save him and stitch him out.

I hope that gives you a bit of an insight into what you can do with a couple of Embird commands – one new one and one old one!


Carolyn Keber