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Free Embird tutorials can also be accessed by logging in to My Secrets.
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Free Embird Studio Videos

Carolyn has created this series of Embird Studio videos to show you how to use the Column Tool in Studio and how each Edge Mode works. If you haven’t used the Column Tool before and are struggling with the concept then these three free videos will make “the light come on” for you. As soon as you watch them you will understand how to use the Column Stitch Tool. It is much easier to watch Carolyn use the Column tool than to read how to use it – especially for those of you who have never used this type of tool before.

If you enjoy these videos then to learn much, much more in Embird check out Carolyn’s Step by Step Guides to Embird Studio, Sfumato Stitch andFont Engine.

Column Edge Video A

Column Edge Video B

Column Edge Video C

Satin Stitch Border – Studio V2

Font Engine Monograms – Studio V2

Writing Designs to a Floppy – Embird

Free Tutorials for Brother, Babylock and Janome

Saving to Flash Card Tutorial

Brother Ult/Ellageo Video

Fonts & Fills Video

Creating Underlay

Creating Basting Stitches

Changing Colors