Embird & the Silhouette Cameo

Embird and the Silhouette Cameo

Have you purchased the Silhouette Cameo or are considering purchasing it?
The Silhouette Cameo is a small plotter which very cleverly cuts out all sorts of media including quilting cotton fabric extremely well. If you create machine embroidered appliqué and you have ever used or considered Cutwork needles then this is the machine for you. If you love appliqué using quilting cottons or 100% cotton fabrics then you’ll be amazed at what a breeze it is to produce your appliqué quickly and extremely cleanly. The appliqué pieces are cut out very quickly and cleanly with no ragged edges.

And the good news is that you can create an appliqué design in Studio and then send the information to the Silhouette Cameo software, which will then cut out your appliqué pieces. You can also take an existing appliqué design that you’ve purchased, and from Studio send the information to the Silhouette software and it will also cut out the appliqué pieces.

And even better news, with a few clicks of the mouse you can take a pre-digitised design from Embird Editor and Manager and send it to the Cameo Software in order to cut the appliqué pieces. You don’t even need to own Embird Studio.

In this small tutorial you will be guided through three different step-by-step lessons showing you how to create your own appliqué design in Embird and the Silhouette software, right through to your machine.
The first lesson is in Studio and then from the Silhouette Cameo software. Carolyn will then take you through the appliqué process right through to your machine and stitching.The second lesson is also in Studio but this time using a purchased appliqué design. Carolyn will take you right through the process including in the Cameo software and then to your machine.

The third lesson shows you how to open a purchased appliqué design in Embird Editor and Manager and then with a few clicks of the mouse, take it to the Silhouette software and then through to your machine. You do not need Embird Studio for this process.

Included with this tutorial are two appliqué designs which have been generously donated by Sweet Heirloom from their Appliqué Tropical Fish Collection.


Also included is a Snowflake Fairy which was kindly donated by Ananda at Ananda’s Divine Designs.

Both are for your own personal use with this tutorial.

On a personal note, Carolyn owns both the Cutwork needles and software and also the Silhouette Cameo and software. If she had known about the Silhouette Cameo before she purchased the Cutwork needles she would never have purchased the Cutwork Needles and software. Carolyn is so impressed with the Cameo and you have a dedicated machine for cutting appliqué rather than your embroidery machine cutting the pieces. So much better and so much quicker!

Note: The Silhouette Cameo is not available through Secrets. You can find out more about it at this site Silhouette America or purchase it from craft stores in your area.


Carolyn spends a lot of her time making merino baby garments for various organisations that help Mums in need. Two of her big ones are Beanies for Babies and Rawene Hospital in the Far North of NZ where there is a lot of poverty and 70% unemployment. All income from Carolyn’s tutorials is used for purchasing the merino wool that she requires. If anyone is interested in donating extra funds as a way of contributing towards this very worthwhile cause, please let us know. Carolyn is recovering with a broken wrist after a bike accident, but will be back and writing more tutorials again soon!  For Carolyn’s birthday month (July) all her tutorials are discounted by 30%.  Your discount will show at the checkout.