Digitizing with Studio

Carolyn Keber has designed a series of Beginner’s Guides to Embird Studio. The lessons have been taken from her full Embird Digitizing Studio Tutorial and adapted for sale on an individual basis.

These lessons are suited to those who are not already familiar with Carolyn’s lessons and would like to “try before they buy” the full tutorial, or for those who just wish to learn specific functions of the program.

Anyone who purchases the lessons available on this page and then wishes to upgrade to the full Embird Digitizing Studio Tutorial, will receive a credit of up to $10* off the price of the 780 page downloadable ebook.

Simply purchase the full Studio tutorial then contact the Secrets Office with your order number to request your $10* credit. This credit will be given in My Secrets Dollars that you can spend anywhere on the Secrets of Embroidery website.

*The maximum credit given will be $10 or the cost of your purchased tutorial(s) from this page if they total less than $10. This offer is only available when paying the full price for the Studio downloadable tutorial, it is not available with any other special offers.

Learning Studio Lesson 1 – Creating Shapes with the Fill Tool

In this handy 15 page lesson, Carolyn shows you how to create a basic shape using the shapes menu and how to use the available tools to create objects for designs.

She provides very clear and indepth instructions with plenty of images to help you learn to set the hoop size, set parameters, place nodes, generate stitches, save a design, and create a fill object manually.


Learning Studio Lesson 2 – Creating a Design using an Image as a Template

In this lesson an image is imported into Embird Studio, and, using the image as a template, a design is created using the Embird Studio tools.

This tutorial consists of 31 pages and covers the use of the Fill Tool and the Outline Tool to create a Border object for the umbrella design.

Follow along with Carolyn as she takes you through this lesson step by step and by the end of the lesson you will have created your own design ready to stitch.


Learning Studio Lesson 3 – The Easter Egg Lesson

In this lesson Carolyn takes you through the steps on how to make an Easter egg design from an image.  She will show you how to use several tools in the process and explain the stitch settings for each of them.

This tutorial is a 20 page pdf document written in Carolyn Keber’s clear, concise, step-by-step style.  Enjoy making your own impressive Easter egg designs while learning more about the essential tools of Embird Studio v6.


Learning Studio Lesson 4 – The Fill, Hole and Carving Tools Lesson

In this lesson Carolyn explains all about the Fill Tool and its Parameters. There are plenty of options available when you use the Fill Tool, now you can learn how to use them.You will learn about Auto Column and Motif stitches as well as explanations of the stitch settings (Parameters) for the objects created with the Fill Tool.Scaling:Carolyn also takes you through how to use the Hole Tool and Carving Tool as well. Learn all about Density, Pull Compensation, Underlay settings and much more. You will also learn how to use the Effects option and the Gradient option in Parameters.

This lesson is an 80 page document in .pdf format.


Learning Studio Lesson 5 – The Outline, Manual, Connection and Auto-Outline Tools

In this latest Embird Studio lesson Carolyn takes you through the tools such as the Outline Tool, the Manual Tool, the Connection Tool and the Auto-Outline Tool. In this 82 page lesson Carolyn shows you how to use each of these tools and explains the settings for them and then takes you through a lesson demonstrating how to use them and the options available.

The Outline Tool has quite a few options available – such as converting an outline to a satin stitch quickly, using the outline to create a border pattern or even using the outline tool to make an appliqué object. You will be amazed at all the options you have available when using the Outline Tool.

Carolyn covers the Manual Tool as well and shows you a design where the Manual Stitch has been cleverly used to add lovely accent detail to the design.

Also covered is a lesson using the Connection Tool where Carolyn explains how to use the Connection Tool, where to place the path for the Connection Tool and much more.

As well you will find a lesson using the Outline Tool to create an appliqué design.

The Outline is great for creating appliqué designs quickly and easily as Studio adds the Marking and Tackdown lines automatically. Follow along with Carolyn in this lesson while she takes you through all the options for these Tools.

Also included are lessons which include a demonstration of the Auto-Outline Tool which will be available in the next release of Embird Studio. This is a very clever tool and it will be widely appreciated as it will make creating outlines very simple – at last!


Embossing in Embird Studio Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at creating Embossed designs? In this Embird Studio lesson Carolyn teaches you, in her usual step by step manner, how to create an embossed design using one of the Studio commands to quickly and simply create your own designs. You will be amazed at how easily you can quickly create your own designs.

Embossed designs are usually found on items with a pile such as fleece, polar fleece, velvet or toweling. You can create and personalize a number of Home Décor items using this easy method.

As well as teaching you how to create your own embossed designs Carolyn also demonstrates how to hoop your fabric and finish the embroidery. Follow along with this lesson and you will be embossing in no time at all.

This tutorial is a 25 page document in pdf format. Included are the designs that Carolyn created as well as the images required for the lesson.


Carolyn spends a lot of her time making merino baby garments for various organisations that help Mums in need. Two of her big ones are Beanies for Babies and Rawene Hospital in the Far North of NZ where there is a lot of poverty and 70% unemployment. All income from Carolyn’s tutorials is used for purchasing the merino wool that she requires. If anyone is interested in donating extra funds as a way of contributing towards this very worthwhile cause, please let us know. Carolyn is recovering with a broken wrist after a bike accident, but will be back and writing more tutorials again soon!  For Carolyn’s birthday month (July) all her tutorials are discounted by 30%.  Your discount will show at the checkout.