Alphabets are an optional lettering plug-ins for the Embird software. They are manually pre-digitized embroidery fonts in re-sizeable format.

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Alphabets contain multiple versions of each character optimized for various size range and for a nearest-point connection between the letters. They are especially suitable for the creation of small lettering. Embird allows easy manipulation of Alphabets, including arching and shaping of the text.

Embird Alphabets are re-sizeable and have adjustable parameters like density, texture and underlay type. Program computes new stitches for each text label. This approach allows Embird to optimize stitches for each individual lettering layout and settings.

Embird Editor and Manager work with Alphabets through a text tool window. The text tool allows the user to adjust the layout of lettering and apply envelope, skewing and other shaping operations. When finished, lettering is compiled into stitches and put into Embird Editor for final adjustment and saved in the desired embroidery format.

Alphabets are accessible also from Studio’s interactive lettering. When used from Studio, Alphabets produce text in a vector (outline) form that can be further edited in Studio.

Main Features
  • Characters scalable in large scale (approximately 4,5 mm – 8 cm for “a”)
  • Various underlays (center walk, edge walk, zig-zag)
  • Automatic and manual kerning of characters
  • Various types of letters connections (nearest point, floating stitch)
  • Automatic tie-ups before and after floating stitches
  • Automatic simplification of serif for small letters
  • Automatic parameters and underlays for various size of letters
  • Possibility of global change of text parameters or individual change of single letters parameters
  • Arching of text. Text can be placed on any of 7 predefined paths (circle, line, wave, etc.) with variable parameters, or user can define her/his own path.
  • Editing of spaces between letters, size of path and text, type of underlay.
  • Envelope function.

Text arching

Arching of text

Pull compensation

Pull Compensation

Random broadening

Random broadening

Automatic simplification of serifs on small lettering

Automatic simplification of serifs on small characters

Various types of underlay

Various types of underlay

Auto shortening of stitches in curves

Auto shortening of stitches in curves

Lettering with nearest point connections

Nearest point connections

Lettering with envelope

Envelope can be used to create monograms as well as to add special effects like diamond shape or bridge to the lettering.

Envelope settings

Use envelope controls to select any of the predefined envelopes or to create your own envelope. Define type of edges and optional symmetry of nodes. Move nodes in the work area to adjust the shape of the envelope.

Individual Adjustment of Characters
Individual adjustment of characters

Position, width, height, angle, slanting and distance from the baseline of each character can be adjusted individually by moving respective node control.

Parameters of Lettering
  • Type of underlay

  • Cover stitches: density, start/end dilatation gap, broadening, random broadening, pattern (7 patterns), auto shortening of stitches in curves.

  • Center walk underlay: maximum and minimum stitch

  • Edge walk underlay: edge offset, maximum and minimum stitch

  • Zig-zag underlay: edge offset, start/end dilatation gap, density, maximum and minimum stitch of zig-zag areas connection

Cover stitches patterns

Various types of cover stitches patterns

Below you can see what the 42 Embird Alphabets look like. They can be ordered from the Ordering Page. Please note there’s now only one download file for the whole Embird program including all of the plugins such as Alphabets.

The Alphabets shown above can be ordered from the Ordering Page.

Please note there’s now only one download file for the whole Embird program including all of the plugins such as Alphabets.