A day out on the town – well almost!

As a great number of you know I live in Auckland, New Zealand. Apart from being a very keen Embird fan I also greatly enjoy my sport. In December 2009 I “ran” the Honolulu Marathon with my family after training for a whole year. When I was training some days were good and some not so good – like running is -but I stuck at it and finally got my goal – the Finishers T-Shirt!  The only disappointment for me was that I was 59 1/2 years old so could not enter as a 60 year old.

Now I have retired from any event that has an “athon” at the end of the name. But that’s not to say that I am not doing anything. I have a new love – cycling! After a trip to the Netherlands last year – where we road every day for approximately 50kms a day – I have discovered a love of old fashioned bikes. You know the ones – the type that we used to ride to school. We sat upright and just pedalled. It is so easy compared to those bikes where you bend over and ride. And anyway I hate lycra tights. I am definitely of the “anti-lycra” brigade.

Recently, on a beautiful autumn day my hubby suggested that to have a break from the Studio tutorial, that we go and explore the Waitakere City (where I live) bicycle trails.  What fun we had! I was only expecting to ride about 10kms down to our motorway (freeway) and back. But when we got to the motorway Philip suggested that we carry on and ride down the side of the motorway on the cycleway. Of course it is fenced off from the traffic by a 10 foot high mesh fence. So, I agreed and we rode to a motorway overhead bridge at Point Chevalier.

I expected to turn around and go back from there but he said “let’s ride down and look at the new cycle way extension that was opened last week”. Not to be a party pooper I agreed. But I did think that by the time I got home again it was going to be quite a distance. Ah – but what fun. The trip from the overhead bridge went down the side of a Golf Course and alongside the motorway (still). It gave me a great sense of freedom to be riding along on a bicycle watching all those people cooped up in their cars.

We got to the end of the cycleway and stopped for a breather, a drink – and a photo to prove that we had been there. In the background of the photo is our Sky Tower which is in Auckland City.

Then we hopped onto our bikes and rode home again. The trip was about 40kms long and it was a really beautiful Autumn day.  All in all we had to ride on a “real road” for about 1 km. A big bouquet to the Cycle Paths and the Cycle Trails in both Auckland and Waitakere City. A fabulous and so safe day out. I really enjoyed my day and had a wonderful time cycling along with Philip.

Then it was back to my Studio tutorial – with ever so slightly creaky legs the next day.