Various Fabrics


Working on Delicate Fabrics 

If you are working on velvet, courdory, chiffon, organza, crepe, organdy, and other lightweight fabrics hoop them gently to avoid marks. The simplest way to protect the fabric is to place a buffer between it and the hoop. This buffer can be fabric, backing, or even tissue paper.

Some reccommend you wrap the inner ring of your hoops for any embroidery on delicate fabrics.   This will avoid snagging the goods, stops the fabric slipping and will cushion the fabric, avoiding a contact shine or deeper hoop impression. You can use bias binding or any soft gauze or tape for this.

Alternatively, it is even better if you can avoid hooping the fabrics at all.  Have a look at these tips on when to avoid hooping your fabric.

Another option is to use a sticky backing. You place this in a large hoop and peel off the paper backing exposing the sticky side. Position your piece of fabric and press it onto the exposed area of the carrier.


Another alternative backing is a wash-away stabilizer. To use this technique, hoop a piece of water-soluble topping both under and over the area to be stitched. When the project is completed, simply remove the topping and backing by rinsing the fabric.

Embroidery on Knits

Follow these steps to avoid puckers:

  • Iron on or "sticky" stabilizer

  • Hoop the fabric and attach the hoop.

  • Insert a layer of cut-away stabilizer under the hoop if necessary

When embroidering on sweat-shirting or any other fabric which is puffy on the right side there's the danger of losing your work. In other words it can sink into the pile of the fabric. One solution is to use a piece of wash-away "solvy" , dry cover up or melt-aways on top and remove it when you have finished. 



Embroidering on Towels 

We suggest you use an iron-on stabilizer on the back of the towel to keep it stable (one of the papery ones that you can peel away afterwards is best). Then place a layer of Solvy (washaway plastic film) or Dry Cover Up on top of the towel and then hoop all of this together. Once the hoop is on the machine slide a piece of tear-away under the hoop and start stitching.   


Stitching Designs on Caps    

We get lots of requests  on how to do this, so here's the link to Hoop-it-All, a product that lets you embroider on baseball caps, sleeves, baby socks and more!

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