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Really like the new website! Just a line to let you know the new website is fabulous! It is beautiful and easy to navigate. I love it. Thanks.

I absolutely love the new layout of your site. It is awesome. The most awesome is the pop-up window of the close-ups. Beats having to back all the way up to the original design.

Thank you so much. Secrets of Embroidery has been - and still is - my favorite site for machine embroidery patterns. There are actually several nice upgrades to the designers pages, and they work much better and faster. Rebecca.

Hooray! I am so thrilled to experience your new website, and it works fast and efficiently. I can browse designs of interest, look at bunches of designs in a short time, and thus get totally inspired! Whatever you did is super, and I am sure I am not the only embroiderer who appreciates your new look!! Thanks!

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love your embroidery designs. They are so different from other websites. I'll be spending a lot of time here. Thank you so much. Pamela.

I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful web site. I love every thing about it. The specials as you can see by my order history, the fact you do not let me purchase a set that I already have, the fact that I can go back and down load ones that I may have misplaced. I just want to say thank you for being the best web site to order from. I will only buy from your site now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Jackie.

Thank you again for your help and guidance. It is so refreshing to deal with a company that is so helpful and I would have no hesitation in recommending you and your products to my friends. Pat.

I like to shop on your wonderful website - it is such fun, and there are so many good designers, and lovely designs. Thank you again for all your help. I am already planning and hoping for my next purchase!

Thanks, you all are very good about helping with problems and I appreciate it! Tammy

I just wanted to let you know what a joy it is to shop with your company. The ease of your site is very nice. You have great products and the sales cannot be beat. Great performance, great value! Sandy.

Thank you very much for taking care of your customers. This is why I buy from Secrets of Embroidery. Linda.

As always Secrets is tops in service and your designs are wonderful. Keep up the good work. Your site is one I visit every day. Gisele.

Thank you so very much for your quick response and great customer service! Pleasure doing business with you.

I have used Secrets for many years and bought lots of things. I just wanted to say thank you for making it a brilliant site - lots of lovely things to buy, very prompt response to a query, brilliantly run site, so easy to use - thank you so much. I love it.

Thank you so very much. Your customer service is great! Marilyn

I have enjoyed all the designs I have downloaded from your site. Thanks. Marilyn 

I always enjoy using the designs I get from Secrets of Embroidery. Jessie

I just love all of your digitizers and their designs. I have several and the end result is beautiful.  Thank you for your help.  Kaye 

Thank you, once again your service is awesome. Arlene 

Thank you so much, was able to download the file without any problems. WONDERFUL...but then, you are all pretty special at Secrets of....Sharon 

I love your site. I am new to embroidery and using the computer. I set you up as a favorite site. Kim 

Thank you for the fast download service.  I love these beautiful designs, and will be purchasing more from your website in the future.  Alice

Thank you so much for handling my requests and emails with such promptness, professionalism, and courtesy. It's always a pleasure doing business with you. Joyce

I just KNEW it would be no problem with you and your wonderful company.  You are the best! Carla 

Your designs look absolutely WONDERFUL! I can't wait to start stitching. I especially like the way you show how you have used them in projects. You have a very appealing web site!  Thank you!

It is such a pleasure to do business with a company that really understands the concept of excellent customer service.  I look forward to continuing to do business with you.  Valentina

A Special Thank You for all of your help and co-operation.  I am a  very satisfied customer. Sandra 

Thanks so much. You guys are the best.  I teach sewing and I often recommend your site to students because you treat your customers so well. Janet

I just wanted to say what a pleasure your website is.  I have surfed many embroidery websites, but  have not seen one as well laid out, clear and attractive as yours.  I will definitely make it my first choice when looking for something.

What a great site you have. The service is always 100%. Keep up the good work. Chrissy

Just wanted to let you know that this is one of the best embroidery focused website I have visited. Thanks for all the great information. Peg

Love the variety of designers and designs you have on Secrets. Also love the tips and ideas. Your customer service is excellent. Jan

I don't know of any other organization that supports its people the way you do. Believe me, we are very grateful. Pat

Thank you so much for your prompt and very helpful reply. Your embroidery site is so well laid out and very simple to use. I've had nothing but good experiences. Christine 

Thank you so very much for your assistance.  You have restored my faith in mankind. BIG HUGS FROM A HAPPY BUYER! Barbara

Thank you for the wonderful customer service, I really appreciate it. Secrets would have to be one of the best sites for embroidery and computer help. The help and service is second to none. Marj

Thank you and I want to say I really love the customer service from Secrets. Excellent! Marleen

Thank you for your help.  I love your site and the designs are wonderful.  You do a very good job on designs. Darlene

It is wonderful to know that for such a small order you took so much trouble in accommodating my request. I thank you most sincerely. Maria

Thank you so much for your help and support. It is such a pleasure doing business with people so helpful. Again thank you. Pam 

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the new look of the website! Keep up the good work!

Your Web Page is very nice. I will look forward to making more purchases from you in the future and I will recommend your business to my friends. Mary 

I wanted to thank you so very much for all your help and understanding in this matter. I will be shopping with you again and thank you. Tamara

Thank you for your kind help. I love dealing with your site. Marg 

I have been moving around in your site and just have to say, I think you have done a fantastic job with it. You have done one of the very best I have seen. Carole

The Secrets website is my very favorite to order from- it's always easy and your customer service is wonderful! Thanks so much. Jean

Thank you so very much for helping me to retrieve my lost files. I will certainly remember your kindness when purchasing in the future. It is so nice to know there are people in this business who take care of their customers. Sincerely, Joyce 

WOW - I was very impressed with your site and the way you conduct business - but now I LOVE IT!!Your way of treating your customers is to be commended and I will most certainly try your site for all future needs before buying any designs anywhere else. A grateful customer -- best regards - Helga 

Your service and customer support is outstanding. Thank you very much for all your kindness throughout the year. Alda

Thanks for your quick response it is always a pleasure to buy something from your website. Elsie

You guys are the greatest. I can't believe how quickly you got back to me. I followed your steps and it worked perfectly. Thanks again...Carolyn

Thank you so much.  I appreciate all the help and support you give when we purchase through your company. Carolyn

Thank you so much for taking care of my order. I look forward to conducting more business with you in the near future. Claire

Thank you for your incredibly prompt response to my email regarding the lost order. All is received and you have another very satisfied customer! Ros

I really appreciate how you take GOOD CARE of your customers.  You're the BEST. Evelyn

I'm happy now! Just want you to know your P.R. is 100%!  I shall return! Sandre

Thank you so much for your help - I will gladly continue being your company's customer as you showed so much care. Rachel 

I have truly enjoyed visiting your site!  Such a variety of designs!  I will be back again and have added you to my Favorites file. Joyce

You really stand behind your products. When I go to purchase items, I will use your site again...Thank you! Joyce

Thank you so much for you help and consideration.  You are a wonderful source for Embroidery and have excellent customer support...I will be back!  Janelle

Thank you so much.  Your website is fabulous!  I am going to recommend “Secretsof” to all my friends who sew.

Thanks for your wonderful site-well organized, easy to order, helpful, well laid out etc. It is ALWAYS one of my favorites.

Thank you so much. Your customer service is why I buy primarily from your site. Kathie

I can't tell you enough how helpful your newsletter is. I am so glad I found your web site.  I am new to machine embroidery and this has made such a difference in my new hobby.

All of you at Secrets of are absolutely the best. I rave about you to everyone I know. Thanks so much for going out of your way on this. Rochelle

Many thanks for your swift reply.  I love the designs you have on your website and I'm sure I will have to exercise strong restraint from spending loads of money!! Great service, so thanks again.  Jan

Your help is greatly appreciated. Just like to add that I have always been extremely happy with any dealings I have had with Secrets, you do a great job.  Monica

I have been looking at designs in various sites on the Internet.  I have to say that since I have looked thru many of your designs, I won't be going anywhere but here.  There are so many beautiful designs, and so reasonably priced. Thank you so much for a wonderful site.

I love your designs and everything about your site and customer service.  Marie-Elena

I love dealing with your company.  I really appreciate the quick, personal replies and speedy resolution to problems. Thanks! Pat

LOVE YOUR SITE! It is a gold mine---please keep up the good work.  I've discovered I can find ANYTHING I want here!  Mary 

I think your site has the best embroidery, better than any other site.  Thanks for such great work.

I just want to thank you for such a wonderfully informative website. I have learned so much from your experts.  Thank you for offering such a wonderful service. Fran 

I would like to say that I enjoy your site the best over other mulit-digitizer web sites. It is fast loading, well organized, I love to visit the NEW page often to see what is new, the sales are nicely organized. 

I recently was told of your web site.  I have been addicted ever since. I just wanted to thank you for having such a wonderful place for everybody to see such beautiful designs. Sylvia 

You remain my favorite embroidery site for so many reasons, including your prompt and courteous help, and your wealth of varied designs. Chris 

You have a great site, with all the info anyone needs, to get going with embroidery. I recommend Secrets for excellent help, projects and advice.  Pat 

I cannot thank you all enough for your wonderful site and input for people like me, who need to have real tutorials. I have your site top of the list always. Hannah

I wanted you to know that I have never had a bad design from your site. I think it is great. That is why I keep coming back. Please don't ever stop offering your products and great customer relations. Thanks again. Connie

What a GOD send you are!  I have found so many new and bright ideas and exciting information explaining things to me that I had no idea there was such help! THANK YOU for making me excited to begin sewing again. Sincerely, Lynn 

What a nice site, no problem surfing back and forth, lots of free stuff.... I will return many times, hopefully with my bank card in hand.

This is the most beautiful website I've EVER seen!

Thank you for an awesome embroidery site, I will be here often. You have beautiful designs as well as projects and sets. You are wonderful. Linda 

I've learned so much from your web-site. Thank you, Ann

Your service is TOP NOTCH and when I purchase my plugins for Embird I will definitely purchase them from your site. Thank you again. Dolores

I have experienced "Secrets Of" to be one of the best sites on the Internet. I never really have any problems but when I do the E-mails are answered promptly and the matter is sorted out. I love organized people! Keep up the good work - I really enjoy this site. Kind regards, Pamela. 

Thank you very much for your help.  I received my designs already and am very pleased with your service, it is obviously very important to you that your customers are taken care of so well.  I look forward to doing a lot more business with you in the future. Lorelei 

Thank you so much!  I’ll be singing your praises on all of the embroidery and sewing forums I visit for sure.  Again, that is truly wonderful.  Not every business would go out of their way to do that for a customer. Ronda

Thank you so much!  You have always been so helpful. Your site is one of the easiest to keep track of things, and I recommend you to all my friends and especially new embroiderers! Joyce

I wish to congratulate you all at Secrets on the website.  I think it to be the best purchasing site I have ever used.  The attention to detail and customer service is outstanding. Consequently I spend hours on your site!  Thank you and sincere congratulations.  I always visit your site first when looking for a new design and this will continue. Bev

I just want to tell you how happy I am to have found your site.  Since finding you all, so many things that used to pose problems with embroidering are now so easy and so much fun! Thank you.  You've saved my machine from a trade-in! Michelle

Thanks for the quick response.  I'm very impressed with the customer service.  I love your designs and would recommend them to anyone. Katherine

Y'all are my favorite embroidery site. Everything always stitches out beautifully.  I am a very happy customer. Sue

I love your newsletter, it has so much information.  I love the tutorials too.  I learned a lot from the ones I bought. Just wanted to say thanks and you guys are THE BEST! Teresa

I would like to share what a pleasure it is to work with you.  Finding your website has been the best thing that has happened to me. I love all the tutorials I've downloaded so far and just appreciate being able to email and get a quick response.  You are the BEST.  THANK YOU very  much. Janice

Secrets is my favorite embroidery site and I was drawn to it by the care for members and expertise shown in so many areas. Bev

I have no hesitation buying from you as you are always so helpful. Joy

Thank you so much for all of your help! I have never had customer service respond so quickly and kindly. I really appreciate it. Jackie

I want you to know that of all the embroidery websites yours is my favorite and I know I can always find what I'm looking for with you.  Thank you so much, Linda 

I have recently ordered from other companies and NO ONE gives the kind of service that I've grown to expect from dealing with Secrets. Thank You All for being there. You will get all my business from now on! Sharron

You have the very best of all sites. Thank you for your easy user site and your great products. I order all my things from you. I was 62 before I started to sew and you are my greatest helper.  Thanks.

Thank you so much - This website is amazing and the service fantastic. Bev

I think your web site is great and I look forward to reading it each time.  Thanks for being so helpful whenever I have a query - Mary

I love the new site easy to get around - AJC

I think your new website is fabulous !  wonderful improvements. - Capriccio

I Love IT!!!  up to date, easy to navigate.  Easier to find designs which I would purchase


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