Well, that part is over…

Heavens! I cannot believe it. I have finally finished writing my Studio V6 tutorial. It really is huge. It is about 760 pages of written material plus indexes etc. At one stage I did wonder if I was ever going to get it finished. But now that the written tutorial is finished I feel quite a Lose Weight Exercise of my shoulders – nowhere else, mind you – but just off my shoulders. It will probably make me look a little lop-sided with Lose Weight Exercise off my shoulders, don’t you think? Oh dear – maybe I am going a little gaga making jokes like that! Maybe I need a holiday!

And speaking of holidays – I am off to the Gold Coast of Australia  next week with Philip for 8 days of sun and fun. He is taking me for my birthday….We are hiring bicycles (of course!!) and a car (for those more intensive shopping expeditions!). That will be fun. Especially after the cold weather that we are experiencing here in New Zealand at the moment. I might even get a chance to catch up with my friend Lyn Kenny from Kennys Kreations. I am sure most of you know her and her beautiful quilting and embroidery designs.  Hopefully she will have time to visit me – but I do know that she has a lot of things on her mind at the moment with all the excitement of her daughter Christine’s engagement.

When I return from Australia I will be starting the Studio video tutorials for the next version. I have been loathe to start the videos until I was confident that the Embird guys (the Balaras) had finished making visual changes to Studio. It is all very well when they make changes and I am doing the written tutorial as I can go back and make the changes to my written document.(Grumpily, I might add 🙂 ) But if they make changes and I have done the videos then I have to delete all the videos and start again. Not something that I really want to do, I can assure you. It has happened in the past and I have learnt the hard way not to make the videos until everything is “hunky dory”….

Font Engine and Embird text in Studio has some really great new features – one being that you do not have to start all over with the lettering if you change your mind. You can actually edit the text by selecting the text object and going to Edit Text Letters. Of course this means that you can change the font style in seconds if you do not like the first style that you chose. And you can type the first letter of a font style in the Font drop down box and Studio will zoom straight to that font – which saves you from scrolling through all the fonts that you have listed. There is so much more good stuff to come.

Now – did you know this? I am the only person (to my knowledge) in the English speaking world that does full written and video tutorials for all the Embird programs? Lots of people do small tutorials and lessons etc but I can lay claim to be being the only one who does them for all of the Embird programs. I know that’s “blowing my own trumpet” but I reckon that I am allowed to today seeing that I have just finished writing the Studio V6 tutorial!!  I am doing back-flips! Well – in my mind I am anyway – I don’t think that I could physically do back-flips…..

Now here are a couple of photos from a weekend we had at the family holiday home a few weeks ago.

I never seem to be able to get my two grandsons to look at the camera at the same time.

And then there was the photo I took of the view. Check out the lower left hand side. Look who is just appearing into the photo frame? He was climbing up a sand bank and I was standing near the top of it. I did not see Henry until I looked that the photos later. 🙂 Aren’t grandchildren lovely?

Until next time……