Viewing & Transferring Designs

You will need an embroidery software program to view designs on your computer. If you don’t have one, you can download and install a free trial of Embird on your computer.

Save Designs to your Computer.

If you have ordered designs online you will need to do the following:

  • Download Designs ordered from the Secrets website.
  • Unzip your design files and save to your hard drive.

If you are viewing designs from a pre-programmed embroidery card you will need to use a reader-writer box to view and transfer them to your computer.

  • Reading designs from embroidery card using Ultimate Box and Embird.

Open Designs in your Embroidery Software Program.
Generally, you can use the File menu in your embroidery software program to view your designs. Choose Open and navigate to the folder you saved the designs to.

Transfer Designs to your Embroidery Machine.
After you have saved the designs on your computer and viewed them in your embroidery software program you will need to transfer them to your embroidery sewing machine.

You will need to use the correct hardware to transfer designs from your computer to your embroidery machine. Depending on the brand of machine you have, and its age, it may need a reader-writer box and card or USB stick. Older machines may need a reader-writer box, as they can only read designs on an embroidery card, while newer machines usually have a USB port, making transfer much easier.