Using Overlap Hoops

Splitting for the Overlap Hoop or Janome Giga Hoop

(for Embird Editor)

Do you own the Gigahoop or Overlap Hoop or perhaps a large hoop that needs the design split and re-joined at the machine – such as a Pfaff hoop? Do you need help with splitting for that hoop?
Have you ever had problems with alignment at the machine with your hoop?

The Overlap and Gigahoops have been known to cause embroiderers a few heartaches at their machine as some have found that they have small gaps where their split design should re-join at the machine.

Carolyn, with the help of her friend Bryden, has come up with a solution to this problem that will hopefully solve this problem.

In this 50 page tutorial, follow along with Carolyn as she takes you through splitting using the Janome Gigahoop as an example, and then shows you how to align the design at the machine.

Carolyn shows you two different methods of getting a good alignment.

By the end of the tutorial you should feel confident enough to try your hand at splitting your own designs and stitching them out knowing that they will align nicely.

The lesson is filled with great information, photos and tips for splitting as well as aligning the design at your machine.

While this lesson is written using the Janome Gigahoop as an example, anyone with an Overlap hoop will also find this lesson very helpful.

It shows you how to split and then re-align at the machine even when you have previously had problems aligning your designs.

Included with the tutorial are two lovely embroidery designs (as pictured above), generously supplied for your use by Ace Points Embroidery.


Guide to Setting up and Using the Husqvarna Ghia Hoop

(for Embird Editor)

In this tutorial Carolyn shows you how to put the Ghia Hoop (for Husqvarna Machines) together along with the support tables for the hoop.

Once set up she shows you how to mark the hoop positions so that you get correct placements for your designs.

In Embird Editor Carolyn shows you how to use this hoop and how to save the designs.

Once the designs are ready for the machine Carolyn takes you through stitching them out. Follow along with Carolyn as she helps you through the GHIA hoop.

Although this tutorial was written using the Super Long GHIA as an example, the same principles apply to the vast majority of GHIA hoops.

So if you have ever needed guidance with a GHIA hoop then this tutorial will help you.


Insert Alignment Marks for Husqvarna Designer 1 Endless Hoop

(for Embird 2004 & above)

Here is a written tutorial and video for the Husqvarna Endless Hoop. You can create endless embroideries very simply and easily with this hoop. Following this tutorial, you will not need any special software other then Embird and Husqvarna Disk Manager to be able to create the continuous borders.

The machines that use this hoop are the Husqvarna Designer 1 and Designer 2 and they must have been updated with the free update from the Husqvarna web-site before they can use this hoop. The Endless hoop is available from your local Husqvarna dealer.

Inserting Alignment Stitches Video

This video which accompanies the tutorial will help you understand the theory and inserting of alignment stitches. It is included with the above tutorial and shows the alignment stitches only. You need to have read the Endless Hoop Tutorial first, as this video only demonstrates one feature of the lesson.


Splitting for Overlap Hoops

(for Embird 2004 & above)
A free tutorial for newsletter subscribers from My Secrets.

In this lesson Carolyn shows you to to split designs from within Embird, to be used for Overlap Hoops.

The hoop used in this example is the Brother Overlap hoop 100×172 but any overlap hoop can be used by applying the same principles in this lesson.


Carolyn spends a lot of her time making merino baby garments for various organisations that help Mums in need. Two of her big ones are Beanies for Babies and Rawene Hospital in the Far North of NZ where there is a lot of poverty and 70% unemployment. All income from Carolyn’s tutorials is used for purchasing the merino wool that she requires. If anyone is interested in donating extra funds as a way of contributing towards this very worthwhile cause, please let us know. Carolyn is recovering with a broken wrist after a bike accident, but will be back and writing more tutorials again soon!  For Carolyn’s birthday month (July) all her tutorials are discounted by 30%.  Your discount will show at the checkout.