Uninstall Embird

This tutorial explains how to remove Embird program from your computer.

1 – Close Embird in case you are running it.

2 – Click Start > Embird > Uninstall Embird  in Windows or double-click the Uninstall Embird icon on your Desktop:

1. Select “Uninstall Embird” from “Start” menu

Select "Uninstall Embird" from "Start" menu

2. OR, double-click “Uninstall Embird” icon on Desktop

OR, double-click "Uninstall Embird" icon on Desktop

OR, double-click "Uninstall Embird" icon on Desktop

3 – The User Account Control mechanism will warn you that this program will make changes to your computer. Click the ‘Yes’ button:

UAC will show warning

4 –  Click ‘Remove’ in the dialog box which appears on the screen:

Click "Remove" button

5 – Another dialog box will appear allowing you to back-up your current passwords. It is recommended to back-up the passwords to a USB memory stick. Click the ‘Back-up’ button to save the passwords to your chosen folder. Once the back-up process is finished, select ‘Close’:

Passwords back-up

6 – Continue with the uninstall process by selecting the ‘Yes’ option:

Confirm removal

7 – When all files are uninstalled, another dialog box will appear, allowing you to delete all the Embird settings. Select ‘No’ if you plan to install Embird again (e.g. re-install, or install a newer version):

Confirm deleting of settings

8 – When the uninstall process is complete, a confirmation is displayed. Click ‘OK’:

Uninstallation finished