Uninstall Embird

This tutorial explains how to remove the Embird program from your computer.

1 – Close Embird if the program is running.
2 – Go to Start > Programs > Embird < Uninstall Embird.
3 –  Select “Remove” in the dialog box which appears on the screen.

4 – Another dialog box will appear allowing you to back-up your passwords. If you want to keep a back-up of your registration password, choose the drive to back-up to, then click “Back-up”. Once the back-up process is finished, select “Close”.

5 – Continue with the uninstall process by selecting the “Yes” option.

6 – If you also want to uninstall plug-ins click the “Yes” button. This option is displayed only for the CD version of Embird. The internet version does not offer the option of uninstalling plug-ins, but you can remove them manually by deleting the “C:EMBIRD32PLUGINS” folder once the uninstall process is finished.

7 – When the uninstall process is complete, the information message is displayed. Click the “OK” button. Sometimes you may need to restart Windows at this point.

Note: Although you uninstall Embird from your computer, the Embird 32/64 folder may remain on your computer’s hard drive. If you don’t plan to install a newer version of Embird in the future and want to completely remove all traces of Embird, you can manually delete this folder by going to C:/Program Files > Embird 32/64.