They say that you learn something new every day!

Well, that is certainly true today. It just goes to show that no matter how long you have a program or how many times you use it  there is always something that pops up every now and then and you find yourself saying “I didn’t know you could do that”. Now that’s not saying that you all didn’t know this already or even that this could have been in the program for ages – but to me – I have just discovered it.
Today – while still plodding through my Studio Version 6 tutorial – I discovered that I could go to the Color Box in Studio and drag and drop one color from the Color Box onto another color and replace that color with the one I had moved – in effect creating two colors in the same shade.

Now – you might ask – why would I want to do that?

Here’s what I was doing when I found this out. I was writing a new lesson for my tutorial (and there are many new lessons written) and I wanted to add outlines to the dress that I was digitising.

I wanted the outlines to be in the same color tones as the dress but just a tad darker so that the outlines would stand out. If you double click on a color in the Color Box and the Color screen opens you can change that existing color  to a different color.

However if you do this  then all objects that have been created in the existing Studio color will change to that new color. I didn’t want that to happen as I wanted to retain the original color but add another color in the same tones – but just a little darker so that the outline would match but just be a wee bit darker.

So now I have two colors exactly the same in the Color Box. By double clicking on one of them I get the Colors screen. Then if I move the slider on the right side up or down the Color shade I can increase or decrease the tone of that color. I made mine darker and clicked OK. Then in the Studio Color Box I had two colors in the same tonings but one was a little darker than the other. I then repeated this for as many colors as I wanted.

I used one of the new colors by dragging it onto my outlines and the original color remained in the dress.



All you need to do now is go to Design on the Menu Bar and choose Save Color Palette As.

Save it in your preferred folder. When you wish to use it again just go to Design/Load Color Palette and it will appear in Studio ready to use.

Now go on – tell me that you have known this for ages!! Oh well, it was something that I had not used before. I haven’t always been too concerned about personalising my own colors so this could be why it has taken me so long to getting around to using this feature. As needs must, eh?

The good news is that there is lot’s of other new things to come in Studio as well. And the outlines are pure magic!

Good night…..