Customers Comments about Tutorials by Carolyn Keber

I just want to thank you for the wonderful video that I found and downloaded last weekend. It is wonderful at last I am understanding a lot more about Studio. I also have your videos on the column sts. which I find very useful.

As I have already told you I am starting to get a little older so unless I am working on trying to digitize I forget a lot, so out come the videos and all comes back. You are really a star, when ever I don’t understand anything I get the lessons out and everything is made clear.

Thank you once again for all your help.


I’m from the USA and I bought Embird last year after stumbling on to your portion of Secretsof.com. I believed what I read at your site and it agreed with what I could glean from reading John Deer and his advice that seemed to be, get a powerful basic punching program to develop the best skills to become a reliable embroidery designer, don’t choose a fancy automatic program. The Embird Suite really is this powerful program it goes beyond my imagination as I found out after I purchased it and it has the automatic features also.

It has a steep learning curve because of its potential to be able to do almost anything. I’m a retired motor truck designer from NAVISTAR (International Harvester) and on the job I fell in love with computer designing. I’m 70 now and I have fallen in love with computer design all over again. I just want to thank you for your excellent tutorials. My wife has a Bernina embroidery machine and she can hardly wait for me to create any new design for her because with your tutorial instructions, understanding the adjustments that create easy to run designs are effortless.

When I started using the Embird Studio Tutorial lessons I was impatient and thought that “Oh no this looks so basic and I want to learn so much more” but how foolish I was. Your technique is to use the basics to establish a floor to work from and then revisit that work and learn editing and modification skills that I didn’t even realize I was going to need. I have redone (modified) “that umbrella” over and over changing scale, design features, density, thread directions and styles so I can reflect the light just right. I even added rain drops bouncing off it. I’ll have my wife stitch these variations out and we compare them to see how fabrics and any other variable affects the design.

You see, our son is in seminary, and we want to be able to provide liturgical vestments for him or altar garments, or whatever might be needed. Because of past professional standards, and the lighting conditions during the use of what we want to make for him or others our product will be under critical public scrutiny. What you teach us will be put to the test.

Your teaching process is fantastic, Thank you. Thank you for your efforts to train old dogs in new tricks.


Carolyn, I just finished printing the (Embird Studio V5 Tutorial) tutorial book – WOW!! As it was printing, I noted how superb the professionalism of this product is!! I worked thru most of the lion in the previous product, and I can see that this one is much more comprehensive – I thought the V4 edition was great, but I think you far outdid yourself on this one.

I can hardly wait to get started on this, and I will start with page 1 so I don’t miss anything. Thank you for your thoughtful and careful explanations of the elements of Embird Studio. This is so far superior to any other product on the market – I think anyone could learn this program from your tutorials. Well worth waiting for. Now if I could just find time to work thru your Sfumato and Font Engine tutorials (which I also have), but I think the Studio will be first!

-Ginny in AZ

Thank you, Carolyn Keber, for the informative video tutorials on Installing Embird 2008. I have uninstalled and installed numerous times since Embird 2004, but still found the tutorials refreshing and they helped me cover all the points before actually installing the program.


Hi Carolyn, I just can’t thank you enough for this Tutorial – it is amazing – I am at last understanding Studio. I am already up to page 302 and just can’t get enough – I don’t want to do anything else but follow your oh so easy steps. I purchased Embird 2006 and Studio (I think it was around October) and have been eagerly awaiting your Tutorial on Studio.

I kept diving in and out of Studio having a fiddle around and not getting much out of it at all – that is until now. I never realized how much you can do with Studio and once I have mastered it I will definitely like to master the cross stitch plug in so I will no doubt invest in your tutorial for that. Thank you, thank you, tha……..



Hello Carolyn, I just downloaded your Studio Tutorial. And I just want to thank you for taking the time out of your life to do this. With every thing going on in your life I know you must be a very busy person, but yet you take your time and do such a good job on your tutorial. I always look forward to getting one of your tutorials because I know I will learn a lot from them. Anyway I just wanted to say… THANK YOU, THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

From San Diego Calif. USA,


Carolyn, I just bought your Tutuorials for Studio of Embird, I have to say without a doubt it should be the bible of digitizing. I have learned so much, was looking for a way to make outline stitches for my designs, and bingo it was there, and so so much more. I can’t wait to get started on creating my own designs. There was a lot i had already figured out, but believe you me I would recommend this tutorial to anyone who has Embird, because it is the BOOM as the young people would say. Again thank you for working on these and getting us the newbies a chance to enter your world if only for a while. Again thank you. Heidi

Your tutorials are very highly recommended on the Janome internet forum. We just purchased a Janome 11,000, and have chosen the Embird software suite. We are about to take an extended camping trip, and my wife got the insane notion that she wanted to take her machine with her. She had hoped to get some kind of hard copy, but given the limited time left, we will just have to download your tutorial from the net. I didn’t realize that all this software was sourced offshore. Given the tremendous popularity of your tutorial, I am highly surprised that it is not offered by Amazon.com. It would surely be a “best seller”.

Kindest regards,

-Harley L. Mullen

I have had Embird for a couple of years. I knew it was a great value but had used it only for design conversion…with no clue as to what it was capable of doing. Recently I purchased a design which required that I “personalize” it with lettering and the Embird alpha plug ins were recommended.

Naturally, I purchased the alpha and got it installed. NOW what was I to do with it???? I figured I better get a clue…and a fast clue since this design is something I wanted to stitch out on a baby gift. So I figured I would search out tutorials. As Providence would have it, that day I received the Secrets Of newsletter advertising your new tutorial. Off I went to purchase it.

I downloaded and printed it (so I would actually use it as a reference). I just feel compelled to write. I am at page 36 and have learned a TON from the tutorial already! What a joy….and your documentation is very easy to follow. I am a software engineer by profession. One would think I would just be able to sit down to click and do. I am not patient enough for the trial and error guessing method unless the tool to help you is so circular that it does not help anyway.

Your tutorial is a blessing. I can zoom through it picking up valuable hints/tips and usage that I had not considered as inherent to the tool. THANK YOU for an extremely well written document. The progression of the instruction is logical and informative….and above all else CLEAR.

It was truly money well spent!

-Robin Smallen, Independent Longaberger Consultant

I just wanted to tell you I have spent the entire day with “you by my side”. I have worked my way through your entire video and it is absolutely delightful and totally educational. What a fun day I have had. There is just so much that Embird can do and to have such excellent lessons – with a rewind button – is wonderful. Congratulations on an outstanding cd.

Thank you so very much.

-Jean E. Smith

Hi Carolyn, I received your Embird CD in the mail yesterday. I haven’t gone through half yet and can’t believe how much I didn’t know. I thought I was such a smarty pants and was sure I knew…if not everything, then enough! What an idiot! Thank you for doing the video tutorials! Although, I thought I went through your written tutorial well enough, I can see that videos are they way to go…..I learn a lot more with them. Can’t wait to get you Studio video tutorial….and see how much I don’t know in that area!! 🙂

Thanks a bunch,


I just wanted to thank you for your great Studio CD and tell you that is it the best money I have spent on embroidery supplies. I am sure you’ll understand when I say it has been a considerable amount. I love the cd, understand it completely and best of all, I CAN DO IT!

I had a good concept of digitizing having watched hundreds of designs stitch, but never liked Viking software and wasn’t too fond of PE Design either. The software works great, but the instructions are even better. As a former computer instructor, I understand how important it is to get your students to understand and you have done it in a most pleasant and successful manner. Thanks again.

I will always remember how easy you made me learn to use Studio and had a really good time while I was at it. I finished the lesson quickly, but love the fact that I can go back any time for a fast review. I’ll be looking forward to your new work and much continuing success to you.

-Barbara Yost

Dear Carolyn,

Thank you for the Embird Studio Tutorial CD which arrived yesterday. It is absolutely delightful & is going to be such a help to my digitizing, which at times leaves a lot to be desired. Everything is explained so well as you work through the designs & although the written tutorial is excellent there are times that a demonstration is a huge help to somebody who is no longer young.

Thank you also for the free Club tutorials via the Secrets site, they have been great too, & your Embird Tutorial is also excellent.

-Avice Whitehead

Dearest Carolyn,

Your CD video tutorial on Embird Studio came today!!! I honestly have tears just wishing I could hug you for all your hard work! The CD is the BEST tool anyone trying to learn Studio can have. It is so well done. You speak clearly, making it easy to understand. Oh my, I am just speechless.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your hard work. It is going to make our hard work of learning Studio so much easier. I am already understanding this fabulous program and that says alot! It truly is the most wonderful tool for all Embird Studio users. In fact, it should be a MUST HAVE when anyone purchases Studio. ) I also look forward to anymore lessons you may come up with. You are a true teacher.

Oh, I have to go…I need to watch the next video…#7. I am so giddy with delight. Thank you again. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Take a break…you do deserve it.

-Gloria DeFrancisco

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Carolyn:

You did a superb job on this CD. I finally got the time tonight to sit down and concentrate on it. You are so interesting and make it simple enough for us to understand…………………I am thrilled……………………Worth every penny………….

-Carolyn in MI

I need to tell you how helpful and informative your CD’s are, I have both the Embird and PED/Palette. I am learning so much from both of them. You are a very talented lady and make it so easy to follow your lessons.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

-Therese Roux

I recently purchased your Step-by-Step Guide to Embird and wanted to write to thank you for such a terrific product. I never imagined that you could do so much in Embird–I downloaded it simply to convert designs. And, it’s so easy to use–thanks to your handy-dandy guide. I was able to sit down with your guide and a few hours later I’m feeling pretty confident with the program.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I certainly got my money’s worth out of this one!!!

-Crystal Zagnoli, Littleton, Colorado, USA

I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you again for all of the information you are providing on your website and through your e-books. I downloaded my third one PE Design Manual Punching last week and I was very pleased with it. Within no time at all, I was able to figure out what to do and my designs have improved tremendously as a result. I agree that it does take a little more thought and work but the results are so worth it.

Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge. I look forward to checking your site regularly for new information.

-Cynthia Spearman

Just wanted to thank you for the update on the Embird 7.1 tutorial. I have downloaded it with no problems as well as ordering and downloading “Splitting and Rejoining Designs with Embird”. Since Janome has still held us to a total of 32,000 stitches per design, it is necessary to split some of them. Even for the Gigahoop.

Thanks so much for taking the time to do these wonderful tutorials.

-Madeline E. Ashby

I just want to take a moment to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your Step-by-Step Guide to Embird. You have made it very easy to read and understand!!!

Thank you!!!


I have found the videos on the CD. Fantastic, brilliant, please e-mail me if you have any more. In the UK I would have had to pay £60 for one day tuition and would not have got a quarter of the information I have got from your Cd plus I can always refer back to something I haven t done for some time were my memory would not do this, thanks so much, I lost my husband to the dreaded Big C end of August and I thought this was the end of my life.

Your CD has given me something to get stuck into. Use up many lonely hours and given me the push I need. Now I can make that family quilt that I have been putting off doing and with my very own embroidery.

Thank you so much,

-Rose Swann

I have all of Carolyn’s tutorials, even the ones on Embird. They are wonderful. I would love to have the downloads you mentioned. Please let me know how to get them.

Thank you.

-Kim Sawatzky

I just purchased Carolyn’s Step by Step Guide for PE Design/Pallette. I’m so excited to learn that these new lessons and videos free of charge. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Carolyn is wonderful!

-Diana Gates, Port Orchard, WA

I did purchase Carolyn’s CD but I did not receive all the original videos. I was one of the first that she added some to the CD. I know it did not have the video for unzipping as I wrote her personally. How do I download the new videos though as I LOVE her tutorials and will be ordering the new ones this week (must have paycheck in bank first LOL)

Thank you. Smiles

-Mary Lee Erdman

Hello Carolyn, first must say I love your Embird tutorial I purchased yesterday! I won a digitizing contest from designstitch.com and it was the prize and have been looking forward to learning how to use it. After looking a several tutorials I chose yours.


Hi Carolyn,

I did the Embird class in Townsville with you recently and I loved every bit of it. You are a great teacher and I wish you well with your classes. I also need Embird Studio classes now. LOL .


I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed our classes with you in Townsville, you are a wonderful teacher, and I had a great time!


I just made my way through your very enjoyable fur tutorial and wanted to thank you for your clear and concise explanations. I am slowly – with your help! – teaching myself to digitize and having a wonderful time doing so.

Just wanted to know I really liked your first tutorial for Embird 2006. It was really helpful and I felt your voice was very encouraging and pleasant. I am already modifying designs and making gifts. Thanks for your help. Can’t wait to try Studio.

I want to tell you what I think — YOU ARE TOO WONDERFUL!! Thanks very much.

Thanks so much for your tutorials. They really are marvelous.

I received my tutorial Saturday. They are wonderful, thank you.

I want to thank you for the Embird Studio Tutorial I bought from you. Its down to earth and easy to understand!

You are a star, yes it’s worked. Always the little things it seems that cause these hiccups. Many thanks.

I have to tell you, you are the best teacher. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

I just wanted to let you know that after purchasing your Redwork tutorial this evening that I sat right down and was able to digitize the Santa with great results. I am so excited. I was determined to learn Redwork and this first lesson when so well and quickly that now I am determined to move forward with my learning. Thanks so much for providing these lessons for us.

Keep up the in depth videos for those of us that are not very good at manuals as we really need them.

Keep up your wonderful teaching cds as the are invaluable to oldies like me trying to learn something new and creative.

Thank you again for your inspiration and encouragement.

I want to take this time to tell you how much I enjoy all of your books that I have gotten from you. You are a great teacher!

I appreciate so much the Embird tutorials on Studio that I bought. It is helping me learn the program well. Well worth the investment. I did lesson one on the umbrella and am now going on to the Easter egg. Carolyn is a great teacher.