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Step by Step Guide to Embird Digitizing Studio – eBook
770+ page Downloadable eBook

If you have ever considered trying your hand at digitising but were wondering if you could learn how to create your own designs then look no further.

Carolyn Keber has written an extensive step by step tutorial for Embird Studio that will take you through the whole program and teach you bit by bit how to create your own wonderful designs. In no time at all you will be creating designs like a “pro”.

With the release of this latest Studio version the time has never been better to learn new skills. You will be amazed at just what you can do in Embird Studio and also how easily and quickly that you can create and edit your own designs.

From auto outlining designs to quickly creating border designs, auto repeating objects, Redwork from images and much much more.

In fact there is so much in this Studio tutorial. It has over 770 pages and lots of detailed pictures and information.

Carolyn goes to great pains to explain as much as she can about the program so that you learn not only how to use the tools and settings but also why you use them.

Click the image right to view an excerpt from the new tutorial.

In Carolyn’s latest Studio tutorial she takes you through many lessons explaining the commands and features of the programs.

The lessons include:

A fabulous new lesson on creating a Fairy in which you use a great
variety of tools including the new auto-outline command
Creating your own fills
and motif stitches
Auto-digitising and Auto–Corners
Appliqué – Creating and combining
appliqué and fill objects
Embird Text and Font Engine text.
And many more…

Included is a Table of Contents at the beginning of the tutorial plus an extensive Index at the end of the tutorial to help you quickly find what you are looking for.

If you have used Embird Manager and Editor then you’ll understand why Embird Digitizing Studio is a much loved digitising program which gets better with each release.

So, take the plunge now and purchase Carolyn’s very latest Digitizing Studio tutorial and teach yourself how to use this wonderful digitising program.

Customer Testimonial:

“Hi, just wanted to say that this tutorial, even though I find it expensive, should be put up as a big advertisement on the home page of your site.

Very glad I bought it, only 1/4 of the way so far but learned more in that time than I did since I bought the software last year. I would highly recommend this to anyone who buys the Embird program. I will gladly suck up the price as it is worth the frustration of trying to learn on your own and make many mistakes, then loose interest for a while.

Bottom line is, Buy The Tutorial. I am not even finished and learned a lot. Can’t wait for the DVD’s and to learn so much more. It is so easy to understand. Thanks for your time and thanks to the Author. “


Phillip Bourgeois

Please Note: The total zipped file size is 36mb which includes the 770+ tutorial .pdf and additional files needed for using throughout the lessons. Due to the large file size, it will take some time to download.



Carolyn spends a lot of her time making merino baby garments for various organisations that help Mums in need. Two of her big ones are Beanies for Babies and Rawene Hospital in the Far North of NZ where there is a lot of poverty and 70% unemployment. All income from Carolyn’s tutorials is used for purchasing the merino wool that she requires. If anyone is interested in donating extra funds as a way of contributing towards this very worthwhile cause, please let us know. Carolyn is recovering with a broken wrist after a bike accident, but will be back and writing more tutorials again soon!  For Carolyn’s birthday month (July) all her tutorials are discounted by 30%.  Your discount will show at the checkout.