Splitting & Alignment

Select, Scan & Align

(for Embird 2008 / Studio V5 and above)

Would you like to embroider designs on ready-made garments but you have wondered how you could place them in the right place on the garment easily?

Have you thought about adding embroidery to cut out pattern pieces before you have stitched them and wondered how you could get accurate placement?

In this Select, Scan and Align lesson Carolyn shows you how to add embroidery to a pattern piece or a ready-made garment yourself using a little bit of ingenuity and without having to purchase any other software program – other than Embird or Studio – in order to do it.

Follow along with Carolyn as she takes you through her method. As long as you are able to scan pattern pieces or actual garments pieces and you have Embird or Embird Studio and a graphics program such as Paint Shop Pro or similar you will be able to use this lesson.

Carolyn shows you two ways to do this lesson: one in Embird Studio combined with Embird Editor; and the other way is for those that don’t own Embird Studio. So if you only own Embird Editor you will still be able to complete this lesson. You will end up with garments that you’ll be proud to own. When Carolyn finished her blouse that she made for this lesson the comments that she received were “Oh that is so pretty!”.

Now, you can create your own garments using this method with the help of this easy to follow, 28 page tutorial. It is for anyone with either Embird Basic (Manager and Editor) or Embird Studio as Carolyn shows how to have the same result whether you own Studio, Embird or both!


Splitting & Re-joining Designs

(for Embird 2004 & above)

Carolyn Keber includes Splitting and Rejoining lessons in her full Embird 2010 Tutorial. IF you dont own that, you can learn how to split and rejoin designs in this mini tutorial made with Embird 2004.

There are currently many beautiful embroidery designs available that will not fit into the hoops for our embroidery machines.

Using Embird Editor you can easily and accurately split these designs, line them back up, and sew them out in a hoop that was previously considered too small.

This tutorial walks you step-by-step through 2 methods for doing this.

It contains lots of pictures and a beautiful large floral design which you use as an example in the tutorial. This design has been kindly donated by Heather Beckett of Birdhouse Cottage Crafts.





Carolyn spends a lot of her time making merino baby garments for various organisations that help Mums in need. Two of her big ones are Beanies for Babies and Rawene Hospital in the Far North of NZ where there is a lot of poverty and 70% unemployment. All income from Carolyn’s tutorials is used for purchasing the merino wool that she requires. If anyone is interested in donating extra funds as a way of contributing towards this very worthwhile cause, please let us know. Carolyn is recovering with a broken wrist after a bike accident, but will be back and writing more tutorials again soon!  For Carolyn’s birthday month (July) all her tutorials are discounted by 30%.  Your discount will show at the checkout.