Ouch that hurt

Well that is the polite version of what I said when I burnt myself on a lightbulb on my collar-bone!! Collarbone! How did you manage to burn yourself on your collarbone with a lightbulb, I hear you ask. Well – as with everything , there is a always a story behind it. I don’t like lamp shades on bed-side lights much as they cut down the light so I had removed the lampshade in order to be able to read better. Then, the other day our fast speed internet and phone was not working so I called Vodafone to report the error and they had me do a series of on-site checks for the phone etc before they would send out a service-man. Our internet connection is plugged in at floor level behind the bed-side cabinet. Of course it is very dark down behind the cabinet at 7pm in the evening so I turned on the bed-side lamp in order to see the modem and the connections. The Vodafone person asked me to pull out the connections at the wall and as I leant over the cabinet to get to the cords I accidentally rested on the lightbulb with my collarbone. Ouch! Words were said!

Here’s a photo of my collar-bone when the scar was almost healed.It was originally a circular burn – the perfect round shape of a light bulb top. And it hurt……

However the good news is that my internet is now fixed and life carries on. Oh, how we rely on the internet. Isn’t that a fact!

Talking about things that hurt – I was speaking to a good friend of mine the other day who is a top digitizer. She is quite upset as she has discovered that there are quite a lot of people sharing her and her daughters designs. She works very hard to create the designs – her daughter relies on her sales for a living – and for them to find that designs are being shared on any scale is very hurtful. Not only are her designs being shared but so is the work of  many other well known designers  So I ask you – please – if you know of this happening please do not participate or be involved and discourage others from doing so as well.

Think of the sharing like this – Imagine of you owned the local store where you currently purchase your everyday necessities. In this recession you are only just making ends meet – as many people are. Then one day a great group of people swarm into your store and steal as many things as they can carry. You cannot stop them from stealing the goods as they greatly outnumber you with their size and their power. But you are outraged and really upset as they have taken away your livelihood. This is repeated day after day until you – as the store owner – has no option but to close the doors of your store.

This is what is happening to our designers. They are closing their doors because of  sharing or – in regular terms – stealing. We wouldn’t do it to our local store owner – or any store owner for that matter , but why I wonder, does it seem okay to some people to take designs, software or tutorials from the internet?

Personally, I would hate for the designers to give up creating designs for us all to purchase. When I first began playing around with embroidery and purchased my  first embroidery machine – a Janome 9000 and the Scansoft software – I really struggled to understand what I was doing and how to use the software to create designs. Any designs that were for sale on the internet were few and far between and not even particularly good quality.And if you wanted to learn how to use a software program – forget it!! There was so little help available that it wasn’t even funny. You either taught yourself or you just bought designs on pre-programmed cards or downloaded free ones from sites like Ann the Gran.

Since those days a great many wonderful digitizers have arrived on the internet – as well as folk that write tutorials, of course 🙂 – and the embroidery designs today are generally of a wonderful standard – and so cheap to buy. Look at sites such as Secrets of Embroidery and Embroidery Library (to name a couple) and you will find high quality designs at really reasonable prices. And the choice is amazing. And help to learn software programs is everywhere. I don’t want to go back to the days with no help available for anyone and limited choices of designs either – but it will happen in time if we don’t treat our digitisers with respect and honesty.

I am not usually a “soap-box” person but it has really bothered me to see a good friend ripped off in such a way.Let’s be fair to others and respect the fact that designers etc have to make a living too.

Okay – I am now off my soap-box.

And the latest news on Embird is that we have just downloaded the latest beta and are testing it once more. I have a feeling that this might be the last beta version of Embird as it feels as if everything in it is pretty much ready to go. But don’t get too excited as I have been known to be wrong ( just ask my hubby 🙂 ) but something about this version just feels right. My tutorial is almost finished (thank goodness) and then there’s just the videos to go. (Just!! – I say!!) I now have to also go back through the tutorial once more and change a number of screenshots due to additions to the program – but I am used to doing that as I have done it a number of times already. You will love the new auto-outline feature, I am sure. The program will be worth the wait.

BTW, I invite any comments so if you wish to have your say on this blog posting or any of my others then feel free to do so.