Images & Vectors

Thinking Outside the Square 

(for Embird Studio V5 & above)
A free tutorial for newsletter subscribers from My Secrets.

Work along with Carolyn as she uses Embird Studio and MS Paint to draw all the pieces needed for a sewing pattern, with all the grade rules marked on the image.

Carolyn found she didnt need all the fancy drawing software, and could instead use Embird Studio and MS Paint to easily create what she needed. She certainly thought “Outside the Square” for the use of Embird Studio.


Changing Designs to Images

(for Embird 2006 & above)
A free tutorial for newsletter subscribers from My Secrets.

This lesson shows you how to change embroidery designs into usable images.

You will learn how to remove the jump stitches that show in 3D mode, so you can export a perfect 3D image of your embroidery. This image can be used in various ways, to print out on letterheads, cards etc.


Creating Vectors with Xara Xtreme

(for Studio V4 & above)
A free tutorial for newsletter subscribers from My Secrets.

Embird Studio has the ability to import Vector Graphic Files and then convert them into instant embroiodery designs. Vector files are graphics files that consist of lines and curves. Most vector files that are available for downloaded have not been created with the intention of turning them into embroidery designs, and the results are not always the best when stitching out.

Xara Xtreme is a really good program for creating your own vector files. In this lesson Carolyn shows you to easy it is to use some of the tools in Xara and turn that graphic into a deisgn in Embird Studio.