Iconizer – Icons from Embroidery Files

Iconizer is an optional plug-in for Embird. It displays content of embroidery files as icons or thumbnails. This capability is not limited to files displayed in Embird. Once Iconizer is installed and registered, it can work in the background of Windows Explorer or File Explorer and all programs that use standard dialog windows.

Whenever Windows needs to draw the icon of an embroidery file in any program or panel, Iconizer supplies the image of the design stored in this file. This allows you to see icons of actual designs, not just the generic icons you see without Iconizer. Iconizer is a useful tool to manage your embroidery designs in Explorer or other programs.

With Iconizer

Without Iconizer


Iconizer works together with Windows File Explorer. The principle of Iconizer is simple – normally, when you run Explorer and you are not using the Iconizer plug-in, each design file is represented by a generic type icon. Registered Iconizer shows a small picture of the embroidery design instead. This allows you to browse and sort your designs easily, because you can see the content of embroidery files while using all features of the Explorer and other Windows programs that use Explorer’s standard dialog windows.

Generic icon

“Generic” icon of embroidery file

Icon of embroidery file

Embroidery file displayed icon

Iconizer uses Embird’s library to read embroidery files. Therefore, it supports the same embroidery formats as Embird.

Using Iconizer in Explorer

File Explorer gives you access to the files stored on your computer. In the case of embroidery files, Iconizer draws pictures of their content and sends them to Explorer to display either as icons or as thumbnails. Iconizer also provides information like stitch count, design size, color number, etc., to display in Explorer’s pop-up menu.

The first step is to choose the desired size of icons in Iconizer settings. The second step is to choose the icon enlargement in Explorer. The medium size in Explorer is equal to the basic icon size in Iconizer settings. Select a larger icon size in Explorer’s View menu for a more detailed preview of designs, if needed.

Select lerge icons in Windows Explorer

Icons in the above example are too small. Select a larger size for better detail.

Iconizer does more than just display a picture of the design. It provides textual information about the design like dimensions, stitch count and so on. Also, it provides links to services like printing, editing or conversion of design in Embird software. These links and the textual information are accessible via a pop-up menu that appears when you right mouse button click on the design icon in Explorer.

Embird Iconizer running on background of Windows Explorer

Right click on embroidery file icon to invoke the pop-up menu with Embird commands and information about design.

3D Thumbnails and Color List
Icon displayed in 3D

Besides normal, flat stitch rendering, Iconizer is also able to draw 3D thumbnails of embroidery designs. This option can be turned ON or OFF in the Embird Manager main menu > Options > Iconizer Settings. It is also possible to show or hide the color list of the design. 3D drawing and color list options have no effect on small icons.