Finding Dropbox in Embird

If you’re anything like me and have a Dropbox account and save a lot of your designs in a Dropbox folder then you’ll want to know how to access them once you’re in Embird and want to use that design that you purchased.

I have both a laptop and a Desktop. My laptop is upstairs in my Living area so that I can use it at night while the TV is on in the background and my Desktop is downstairs in my office. Of course in the evenings I like cruising the internet and making all sorts of plans about what I am going to embroider next. And sometimes I even buy embroidery designs rather than buy my own as they are pretty cheap when you compare how long it takes to make some. When I’m upstairs in the evening and buy a design and download it then if I save it to my laptop I would have to email the design to myself so that I can get it onto my Desktop – or I’d have to use a USB stick or – rada-rada-rada!! You get the idea.

So I have a Dropbox account. For those that don’t know – it’s free – for up to 2GB of data storage  (don’t quote me, but I think that’s correct). You just need Dropbox set up on both/all devices/pc’s.  Anyway, I buy stuff (!!!) and save it in my Dropbox so that I can access it from my Desktop the next day. But here comes the tricky bit! When you open Embird Editor and go to select Dropbox – it’s not an option in the Embird drop down box.

Aha…but yes it is – it’s just hiding. I’ll show you how to get to it (and your Desktop – same method)

Now, I am assuming you’ve got a Dropbox account and you’ve saved your newly purchased design in a Dropbox folder for your Embroidery and you’re ready to embroider……….

  •  Open Embird
  • Open Embird Editor
  • Go to File/Open or use the shortcut
  • Click on the dropdown box and choose the C Drive

  • Move from C down to Users and double click on it to open


You’ll see another folder called users

  • Double click on this folder and you’ll see those hidden folders that you were looking for.


  • Double click on Dropbox and inside in the folder that you saved your embroidery designs in will be your files.
  • Now just select the file required and click Open.

Easy As!  The same method applies to files that you save to your Desktop on your computer while you’re on it. However you need a Cloud based program if you wish to access files between two different computers. And not only are you able to access them from your computer anywhere, it is also a great way of having a backup of your files. I’m aware that Embird has a “Cloud” too but I’ve never bothered with that. Too much fuss for me….I prefer Dropbox.

I hope that is a useful little titbit for someone – just in case you didn’t know.

Bye for now…