Embird FAQ

I first downloaded Embird from the Embird site, can I now register from Secrets Website?
We are an agent for selling Embird and sell on behalf of the Embird company. All our orders are forwarded on to Embird and they keep a record of your registration and send the passwords out. You can certainly register any Embird products through our site – and take advantage of our discounted prices!

Where is my Password?
Once you have ordered your Embird registration from the Secrets website, your order is immediately sent on to the Embird Company. The password for your registration will be sent by email from the Embird company within one business day with full instructions on how to register your new program. Passwords are not available for download.
If you haven’t received the password after this time please check your spam, junk and any mailbox filters you may have to see if the password has been filtered there.
It is possible to test whether you can receive email from Embird, and also to check the status of your password delivery here. Information on this web site is created automatically together with the generation of your password.

I can’t download Embird from my order.
When you purchase registration for Embird programs, including upgrades and plug-ins, you don’t use your order download link to download the programs or passwords. Download Embird from here.

When I enter the registration password, it says “invalid password”.
Use the clipboard method for copying the password from the email you have received from the Embird Company into your Embird program. Select the password by dragging your mouse cursor over the password (hold down the left mouse button while dragging). The selected text should now be highlighted. Push Ctrl and C buttons on your keyboard simultaneously. This will then copy the password onto your computer’s clipboard. Start Embird and go to Help, then Registration. Put your cursor in the password box and push Ctrl and V buttons simultaneously. This copies the password from the clipboard. Click on Register.

I inserted password into Embird, but Embird is still demo version.
When your Embird program is registered successfully your name will show in the blue bar on the top in Manager. Try entering your password again, according to the clipboard method explained above.

I have just downloaded Embird and receive a message that the program has expired.
If you have previously downloaded the trial version on to your computer, you will not be able to run the full demo version again.However, there are features you should still be able to access. Open Embird and select ‘C’ drive from the top right hand panel on the Manager page, then Program Files/Embird 32/Files. You should be able to access the embroidery designs that are included with the Embird program files, and use these to trial the demo version.

How do I reinstall Embird after a computer crash, or to a new computer?
You don’t need to purchase Embird again. You just need to download and install Embird again, then enter your passwords as you have in the past. If you don’t have a back-up copy of your passwords, you will need to write to the Embird company at [email protected] with your registration name and email address details so they can resend them to you.

How do I upgrade to the latest version?
Some upgrades are free, others need to be purchased. Check the details on our ordering page to see if you need to pay for your upgrade. For a paid upgrade, once you have purchased the appropraite upgrade, your new version Embird registration password will be sent to you in an email from the Embird company. The password email will include any plug-ins you have, since these are free to upgrade.
When it arrives, you can download and install Embird from here and enter your password to register the program.

How do I upgrade my existing plug-ins?
There is no additional cost to upgrade plug-ins you have previously purchased when you upgrade to a new version of Embird. The password email you receive with your new Embird password will include any plug-ins you have.

How do I update to the latest build?
The easiest way to update is to open Embird and go to Help/Online Update. In the window that opens, click on Online Update. Embird will check to see if you have the latest version, and will automatically install and register it for you.

Can I use Embird on a second computer?
Yes. Embird can be installed on a second computer that belongs to you as long as both programs on the two computers are not used simultaneously. You need to just use the one you are currently working from.
The first thing you need to do to install Embird on another computer is to download the demo program again onto your second computer and install the program.
To back-up your passwords open your registered Embird, go to Help and then Passwords. Now back the passwords up to an external drive. Then open the unregistered version of Embird on your second computer, go to Help and then Passwords and recover them from the drive.

All my photos open in Embird. How can I stop this?
The reason your photos are opening in Embird after you have installed the program is because you have inadvertently allowed a box to be checked – upon installation of Embird – that tells Embird to open the images instead of your graphics program.
However, this option can be reversed in Embird Manager. This is what you need to do: Open Embird Manager. Go to Options on the Menu Bar. Select Iconizer Settings. Click on the button “Remove Image Type Files”. Click OK.

How can I learn more about using Embird?
To get the best use of the program you really do need to use a tutorial.
Embird have some small free tutorials available to use from within the program. Open Embird, go to Help and then Tutorials to find them.
If you decide to purchase registration and you really want to learn your program thorougly we recommend you look at Carolyn Keber’s tutorials.They are extremely popular and are very informative and easy to follow.

How do I know if I need the 32-bit version or the 64-bit version?
Embird has both a 32-bit and 64-bit version. You need to download the version that matches your computer’s operating system. To find out which system you have, go to Control Panel/System and Security/System and look for System Type.

I downloaded Embird and my computer detected a virus.
Please be assured that the Embird download file is clean and free from viruses. Some anti-virus software will send a false alarm about a suspected virus, and we recommend you temporarily disable any Antivirus and Firewall programs before downloading the program.

Iconizer is not showing my design icons when I view them in Windows Explorer.
Please check the following:
You have installed the correct version of Embird (32-bit of 64-bit).
Iconizer is registered. Open Embird and go to Help/Installed Plug-ins and make sure Iconizer is showing as registered. If not, you can enter your Iconizer registration password here.
Iconizer is enabled for your file type. Open Embird and go to Options/Iconizer Settings. Click on each of the Select All buttons, then click on Remove Image Type Files and Remove Quilting Type Files. Click OK to confirm the settings.