Embird and Cut files and my nine lives

A month or so ago Embird released its latest version (a free update for Embird 2015 users) that now creates cut files for the Cameo Silhouette (svg files) and the Brother Scan and Cut so that you can send those files to your machine and have them cut the files. I haven’t had a chance to play with this new command yet but I have heard that there are still little glitches with it. Like anything it takes time for something new to run smoothly. As soon as I can I will have a play and see how I get on with it. However for those interested I do have a lesson available at Secrets of Embroidery that shows you how to use the Silhouette Cameo in both Embird Editor and Embird Studio that will create the correct files for you. I wrote this lesson last year before the latest release of Embird and this method still applies.

Now, here is the reason that I have not had time to play with the latest version of Embird. On April 1st (Aprils Fools Day) 2015 I suffered a stroke. I will not forget Aprils Fools Day ever. It certainly was no joke! I had been out to dinner with my hubby and we walked home – about 500 meters – and when I reached home I didn’t feel well at all. I thought I’d got food poisoning as I had a stinking headache and felt really sick. My neck was aching and I couldn’t stand the lights on in the house nor any noise. I went to bed but got up again and started vomiting. This happened again during the night and the next morning, when my headache hadn’t gone away (I don’t generally suffer from headaches) I decided to check it out with my doctor as we were about to go away for two weeks holiday. I walked to the doctors surgery and didn’t come home for two weeks. The doctor checked me over and called an ambulance. I was rushed to hospital, had an MRI and then operated on the next day. It was a subarachnoid haemorrhage. The surgeon told us that approximately 50% of people do not survive. I had a lot of people praying for me and I am sure that’s why I made it through.  And of course, the surgeons skills.

I remained in hospital for two weeks while they waited for the danger period to pass. It was so nice to go home after I was released. But I was told not to drive my car for six months and I have to have another MRI after six months as well. My mother, her cousin and her cousins mother also had the same condition so it is apparently hereditary and now my children need to be screened as well to see if they have the same condition. Genetics, eh?

Anyway I was very fortunate as I had no signs of  any long lasting effect. No speech problems or any paralysis at all. Very lucky. I have 23cm of coils in my head to clip off the blood vessels to prevent any further bleeding from that area and I’ve also got to have a 30 minute nap every day to refresh my brain. I think I escaped very lightly and now that I’m in “the system” I will be checked regularly for further problems. Its taking me a while to get going and working on the computer is a bit tiring but I’m doing my best.

Keep me in your prayers please. I really appreciate your prayers and kind wishes.

On a lighter note I’m down to seven lives now as I’ve lost two of my nine lives so far. After escaping that rock fall last year while walking and now the stroke this year I’m down two lives. But I figured that two down after 65 years I should make it through okay. 🙂


Take care everyone –