Download & Install Plugins

Before you can use any of the Embird plug-in programs you need to have Embird downloaded and installed. All Embird plug-ins work within Embird and are not stand-alone programs.

Once downloaded and installed, all plug-ins run in demo mode until they are registered. Registration for each plug-in is an optional extra purchase in addtion to the basic Embird program registration.

Embird must be registered before any plug-ins registrations can be purchased.

Iconizer, Font Engine & Cross-Stitch
These three plug-ins are included in the Embird installation file so you don’t need to download these separately. They will be installed together with Embird.

Digitizing Tools, Sfumato and Alphabets
Digitizng Tools and Sfumato Stitch are both parts of Embird Studio. To use either plug-in, Embird Studio needs to be downloaded and installed. Registration for each plug-in can be purchased separately.
Embird Studio comes in two versions, 32-bit and 64-bit. You need to install the version that matches your computer’s operating system, and the version of Embird you have installed. To find out which system you have, go to Control Panel/System and Security/System and look for System Type. We also have a free video tutorial that shows you how to find out your system type available from here.

Alphabets can be downloaded individually, or as a complete installation file including all the Alphabets.


Download and Install Embird Studio and Alphabets:

1 – Go to our Embird download page and click on the download link for the plug-in you wish to install.

2 – When asked if you want to Run or Save the installation file, choose Run.

3 – Check that the correct installation folder is displayed. If you have installed Embird to its default folder, this will be shown and you don’t need to make any changes. If you have changed the installation folder for Embird, make sure the folder you chose is selected. Click “Unzip”.

4 – When the installation is completed, click “OK”.

5 – Open Embird and go to Help > Installed Plug-ins.

5 – Check the list of installed plug-ins to make sure your plug-in was successfully installed.