Viewing & Transferring Designs

You will need an embroidery software program to view designs on your computer. If you don’t have one, you can download and install a free trial of Embird on your computer.

Save Designs to your Computer.

If you have ordered designs online you will need to do the following:

  • Download Designs ordered from the Secrets website.
  • Unzip your design files and save to your hard drive.

If you are viewing designs from a pre-programmed embroidery card you will need to use a reader-writer box to view and transfer them to your computer.

  • Reading designs from embroidery card using Ultimate Box and Embird.

Open Designs in your Embroidery Software Program.
Generally, you can use the File menu in your embroidery software program to view your designs. Choose Open and navigate to the folder you saved the designs to.

Transfer Designs to your Embroidery Machine.
After you have saved the designs on your computer and viewed them in your embroidery software program you will need to transfer them to your embroidery sewing machine.

You will need to use the correct hardware to transfer designs from your computer to your embroidery machine. Depending on the brand of machine you have, and its age, it may need a reader-writer box and card or USB stick. Older machines may need a reader-writer box, as they can only read designs on an embroidery card, while newer machines usually have a USB port, making transfer much easier.

Digitizing for Different Hoops

I want to digitize a design and save it for different hoop sizes – 4×4, 5×7, 6×10, but not have to re-digitize each time.  How would I do that?  I have been trying to use transform, but my work space doesn’t get bigger when I change the hoop size so I don’t know  what I could be doing wrong. Lynn

Hi Lynn,
In Embird Studio, if you wish to change the hoop to a larger size after you’ve started digitising then you need to select your design and then go to Edit/Copy. Now go to Design/New. Select a bigger hoop size and then go to Edit/ Copy. Your design will now be in the larger hoop.
I hope that helps, Carolyn Keber Tutorials for Embird and PE Design

Transferring Designs to Machine Using Embird

If your Brother or Babylock machine is connected to your computer via a USB cable, you can send your designs directly to your machine using Embird, just the same way as you would if you were writing designs to a USB stick.
First make sure your machine is on, then with the design selected, right mouse click and choose Input/output operations/USB stick. Embird “sees” the machine as another drive so that’s why you use the same command. Then just write the files to that drive. It’s that easy… 🙂
Carolyn Keber
Author of Embird and PE Design Tutorials

Sfumato Stitch

Hello, I have bernina digitizing software and I am interested in Embird  Sfumato Stitch.  Can Sfumato Stitch run on its own?  Could I  then  save my designs in another format like PES, import them into my original Bernina Artista  software and save to ART for stitch out?


Hi Lauretta,

Sfumato Stitch can’t be used independently from Embird, sorry. As with all Embird plug-ins, you need to have the basic Embird program registered first, before you can purchase and use plug-ins. However, if you have both Embird and Sfumato (part of Studio), you would be able to save a design created in Sfumato to PES, then convert to ART in your Bernina software.


Secrets of Embroidery


Embird Conversion pcq

I’m thinking of updating my 7570 Pfaff to a later model machine which has spx maxi sts. Will Embird convert pcq maxis to spx format (I haven’t updated my old Embird yet to find out).

Yes. A list of supported formats in Embird 2013 can be seen here.

Margaret Hardwick-Smith
Secrets of Embroidery