Uninstall Embird

This tutorial explains how to remove the Embird program from your computer.

1 – Close Embird if the program is running.
2 – Go to Start > Programs > Embird < Uninstall Embird.
3 –  Select “Remove” in the dialog box which appears on the screen.

4 – Another dialog box will appear allowing you to back-up your passwords. If you want to keep a back-up of your registration password, choose the drive to back-up to, then click “Back-up”. Once the back-up process is finished, select “Close”.

5 – Continue with the uninstall process by selecting the “Yes” option.

6 – If you also want to uninstall plug-ins click the “Yes” button. This option is displayed only for the CD version of Embird. The internet version does not offer the option of uninstalling plug-ins, but you can remove them manually by deleting the “C:EMBIRD32PLUGINS” folder once the uninstall process is finished.

7 – When the uninstall process is complete, the information message is displayed. Click the “OK” button. Sometimes you may need to restart Windows at this point.

Note: Although you uninstall Embird from your computer, the Embird 32/64 folder may remain on your computer’s hard drive. If you don’t plan to install a newer version of Embird in the future and want to completely remove all traces of Embird, you can manually delete this folder by going to C:/Program Files > Embird 32/64.

Password Backup

Embird allows you to easily back-up all inserted passwords into a “PASSWORD” file stored either on your computer’s hard drive, or an external drive. We strongly recommend that you back-up your passwords regularly to avoid problems caused by re-installation, hard disk failure, or virus attack. If you have a back-up copy of your passwords it’s very easy to insert them back into Embird should you need to reinstall the program for any reason.

Installing Embird on 2nd Computer

Embird can be installed on a second computer that belongs to you as long as both programs on the two computers are not used simultaneously. You need to just use the one you are currently working from.

The first thing you need to do to install Embird on another computer is to download the demo program onto your second computer. Then follow the steps below to back up your passwords from your first computer, and recover then on your second computer.

Follow these steps to back-up and/or recover your passwords:

1 – Run Embird and go to Help > Passwords.

2 – The “Passwords” dialog box will appear on the screen. It contains two sections: “Back-up passwords” and “Recover passwords”.

3 – To back-up your passwords, choose the drive you wish to back-up to, insert your external device if relevant, then click Back-up.

Follow these steps to recover your passwords:

4 – Run Embird and go to Help > Passwords.

5 – The ” Passwords” dialog box will appear on the screen. It contains two sections: “Back-up passwords” and ” Recover passwords”.

6 – Under Recover Passwords, choose the relevant drive that you selected in Step 3. and click on Recover.

Tip: We recommend you back-up your passwords to both your computer hard drive (C: drive) as well as an external device.

Upgrade to Latest Version

New Main Embird Password
Upgrade from version 2019 and older is a paid upgrade and a new main registration password is required.

The registration numbers for all plug-ins from previous Embird versions are valid in Embird 2020. However, the plug-ins are not functional until you insert the new main registration password.

Upgrade Purchase
Go to the registration purchase page to pay for the upgrade to Embird 2020 from the version of Embird you currently own.

This is a short overview of installation. If you need a more detailed guide, please read the Installing Embird tutorial.

Follow these steps to install Embird 2020:
1 – Download required (32-bit or 64-bit) installation file for Embird 2020. Click on the Embird download link, then Save (rather than Run). Save the .exe file to your desktop or some other place that you can find easily.
2 – Locate the downloaded .exe file and double click on it to install Embird.
3 – Once Embird is installed, if you are registered for Studio or any Alphabets, download these, also.