Register Embird & Plugins

You will need to do the following before you can register Embird:

Download and Install Embird on your computer.

Purchase Embird Registration and wait for the password email to be sent from the Embird company (sent within one business day).

If you don’t receive your password or have other queries check the Embird FAQ  for further help.

The password email you receive from the Embird company has your registration password in text form as well as a PIN you can use for quick registration. Choose one of these two methods to register your program.  Both are described here. 

  1. Password in Text Form:

Please note: Although the screen shots may show an older version of Embird, the process is the same for all versions.

1 – Run your e-mail program and open the email you received from the Embird company that has your registration password within the content of the email.

2 – Copy the password as follows: Put the mouse at the beginning of password and click the left mouse button, holding it down while you drag over the password. At the end of password, let go of the mouse button. The password should be highlighted. While it is highlighted, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and hit the letter “C” (or right click and select Copy from the menu options). This copies the password to an invisible clipboard on your computer. 

3 – Open Embird and go to Help > Registration. 

4 – A dialog box will appear on the screen. Click the button “I have Password, no PIN”

5 – Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and and hit the letter ‘V’ to paste the password into the registration field box (or right click and select Paste from the menu options). Then click the Register button. 

6 – The User Account Control mechanism will warn you that this program will make changes to your computer. Click Yes. 

7 – Embird will check the password. Wait several seconds until the password validation process is finished.

You can use the same “copy/paste” method described above to register your installed plug-ins.

1 – Open Embird and go to Help > Installed Plug-ins.
2 – A dialog box containing the list of installed plug-ins will appear on the screen.
3 – Copy and paste the plug-in password number to its corresponding cell.
4 – Click on the Insert Plug-in Registration Number button then the OK button to close this dialog box. 

Checking Embird Registration:

1 – Run Embird, it will start in “Manager” mode.
2 – Check the blue bar at the top of Embird Manager window – your name should be displayed there.
3 – Check whether plug-ins are installed and registered by going to Help > Installed Plug-ins. 

2. Quick Registration with PIN

1 – Open your password email and find the quick registration section.

2 – Open Embird and go to Help > Registration. 

3 – A dialog box will appear on the screen. There are two boxes for entering e-mail address and PIN.

4 – Type in your registration email address and PIN. Then click “Register”.

5 – Embird will check the password. Wait several seconds until the password validation process is finished.

6 – If successful, the activation process will follow.


Embird FAQ

I first downloaded Embird from the Embird site, can I now register from Secrets Website?
We are an agent for selling Embird and sell on behalf of the Embird company. All our orders are forwarded on to Embird and they keep a record of your registration and send the passwords out. You can certainly register any Embird products through our site – and take advantage of our discounted prices!

Where is my Password?
Once you have ordered your Embird registration from the Secrets website, your order is immediately sent on to the Embird Company. The password for your registration will be sent by email from the Embird company within one business day with full instructions on how to register your new program. Passwords are not available for download.
If you haven’t received the password after this time please check your spam, junk and any mailbox filters you may have to see if the password has been filtered there.
It is possible to test whether you can receive email from Embird, and also to check the status of your password delivery here. Information on this web site is created automatically together with the generation of your password.

I can’t download Embird from my order.
When you purchase registration for Embird programs, including upgrades and plug-ins, you don’t use your order download link to download the programs or passwords. Download Embird from here.

When I enter the registration password, it says “invalid password”.
Use the clipboard method for copying the password from the email you have received from the Embird Company into your Embird program. Select the password by dragging your mouse cursor over the password (hold down the left mouse button while dragging). The selected text should now be highlighted. Push Ctrl and C buttons on your keyboard simultaneously. This will then copy the password onto your computer’s clipboard. Start Embird and go to Help, then Registration. Put your cursor in the password box and push Ctrl and V buttons simultaneously. This copies the password from the clipboard. Click on Register.

I inserted password into Embird, but Embird is still demo version.
When your Embird program is registered successfully your name will show in the blue bar on the top in Manager. Try entering your password again, according to the clipboard method explained above.

I have just downloaded Embird and receive a message that the program has expired.
If you have previously downloaded the trial version on to your computer, you will not be able to run the full demo version again.However, there are features you should still be able to access. Open Embird and select ‘C’ drive from the top right hand panel on the Manager page, then Program Files/Embird 32/Files. You should be able to access the embroidery designs that are included with the Embird program files, and use these to trial the demo version.

How do I reinstall Embird after a computer crash, or to a new computer?
You don’t need to purchase Embird again. You just need to download and install Embird again, then enter your passwords as you have in the past. If you don’t have a back-up copy of your passwords, you will need to write to the Embird company at [email protected] with your registration name and email address details so they can resend them to you.

How do I upgrade to the latest version?
Some upgrades are free, others need to be purchased. Check the details on our ordering page to see if you need to pay for your upgrade. For a paid upgrade, once you have purchased the appropraite upgrade, your new version Embird registration password will be sent to you in an email from the Embird company. The password email will include any plug-ins you have, since these are free to upgrade.
When it arrives, you can download and install Embird from here and enter your password to register the program.

How do I upgrade my existing plug-ins?
There is no additional cost to upgrade plug-ins you have previously purchased when you upgrade to a new version of Embird. The password email you receive with your new Embird password will include any plug-ins you have.

How do I update to the latest build?
The easiest way to update is to open Embird and go to Help/Online Update. In the window that opens, click on Online Update. Embird will check to see if you have the latest version, and will automatically install and register it for you.

Can I use Embird on a second computer?
Yes. Embird can be installed on a second computer that belongs to you as long as both programs on the two computers are not used simultaneously. You need to just use the one you are currently working from.
The first thing you need to do to install Embird on another computer is to download the demo program again onto your second computer and install the program.
To back-up your passwords open your registered Embird, go to Help and then Passwords. Now back the passwords up to an external drive. Then open the unregistered version of Embird on your second computer, go to Help and then Passwords and recover them from the drive.

All my photos open in Embird. How can I stop this?
The reason your photos are opening in Embird after you have installed the program is because you have inadvertently allowed a box to be checked – upon installation of Embird – that tells Embird to open the images instead of your graphics program.
However, this option can be reversed in Embird Manager. This is what you need to do: Open Embird Manager. Go to Options on the Menu Bar. Select Iconizer Settings. Click on the button “Remove Image Type Files”. Click OK.

How can I learn more about using Embird?
To get the best use of the program you really do need to use a tutorial.
Embird have some small free tutorials available to use from within the program. Open Embird, go to Help and then Tutorials to find them.
If you decide to purchase registration and you really want to learn your program thorougly we recommend you look at Carolyn Keber’s tutorials.They are extremely popular and are very informative and easy to follow.

How do I know if I need the 32-bit version or the 64-bit version?
Embird has both a 32-bit and 64-bit version. You need to download the version that matches your computer’s operating system. To find out which system you have, go to Control Panel/System and Security/System and look for System Type.

I downloaded Embird and my computer detected a virus.
Please be assured that the Embird download file is clean and free from viruses. Some anti-virus software will send a false alarm about a suspected virus, and we recommend you temporarily disable any Antivirus and Firewall programs before downloading the program.

Iconizer is not showing my design icons when I view them in Windows Explorer.
Please check the following:
You have installed the correct version of Embird (32-bit of 64-bit).
Iconizer is registered. Open Embird and go to Help/Installed Plug-ins and make sure Iconizer is showing as registered. If not, you can enter your Iconizer registration password here.
Iconizer is enabled for your file type. Open Embird and go to Options/Iconizer Settings. Click on each of the Select All buttons, then click on Remove Image Type Files and Remove Quilting Type Files. Click OK to confirm the settings.

Compatibility & Requirements

Embird embroidery software is 64-bit and 32-bit Windows application for PC or laptop, independent on any particular embroidery machine. Windows 11 and older compatible.

Embird for Windows can be used also on Mac with OS X. Parallels Desktop for Mac and Windows are required in this case.

Software turns into FULL version after registration.

Minimum hardware requirements: 1 giga byte RAM, screen resolution 800×600, True Color display mode.

Demo Limits

Download Embird and Plug-ins to try the free demo versions.
Demo versions switch into FULL versions after insertion of the registration password.

Embird: Use of demo version is limited to 30 days or 100 runs. After expiration, demo works only with our free designs, which are stored in the folder EMBIRD32FILES.

Alphabet Plug-ins: Demo version does not support all characters. Only characters A,B and C are available for testing.

Iconizer Plug-in: Unregistered Iconizer does not show all icons.

Digitizing Tools plug-in: Demo version has a stitch limit and saving of the finished design is not enabled.

Sfumato Stitch plug-in: Demo version has a stitch limit and saving of the finished design is not enabled.

Font Engine plug-in: Demo version does not support all characters. Only characters A,B and C are available for testing

Cross stitch plug-in: Demo version of Cross Stitch has a stitch limit and saving of the finished design is not enabled.

Supported Formats

Machine Embroidery File Formats

Supported by Embird Software

Please compare file formats supported by your embroidery machine or software with below table of Embird supported formats.
If there is at least one common file format, Embird is compatible with your equipment.
Download free demo to test compatibility and features or check supported embroidery hoops.
Read Only:
ECF Embird (cross stitch format)
EMB Wilcom version 6
EOF Embird (vector embroidery format)
JPX Janome
PSF Barudan
PUM Proel
SEW Brother BAS
Read and Write:
9MM Pfaff
BRO Bits & Volts
DAT Barudan stitch data, Sunstar DAT
DSB Tajima, Barudan stitch data
DST Tajima
DSZ Tajima, Fortron stitch data
EXP Melco
EXY, E01 ~ E36 Eltac stitch data
FXY, F01 ~ F36 Fortron stitch data
GT Gold Thread
HUS Viking Husqvarna
INB Inbro
JEF Janome
JEF+ Janome
KSM Pfaff
M1, M2, M3 Juki AMS
MAX Pfaff
MIT Mitsubishi PLK
NEW Ameco
PCD Pfaff
PCS Pfaff
PCM Pfaff
PCQ Pfaff
PEC Babylock, Bernina, Brother
PES Babylock, Bernina, Brother
PHB Brother ULT
PHC Brother ULT
PLT Siruba
PTN Janome
SEW Elna, Janome / New Home, Kenmore
SHV Viking Husqvarna Designer 1
SPX Pfaff
SSP Garudan
SSS Smarteer Sew Style
SST Sunstar SWF
STC Gunold
STX Data Stitch
TAP Happy
TBF Tajima
T01 Wilcom Tajima (Eltac stitch data)
T03 Wilcom Barudan (Barudan stitch data)
T04 Wilcom Zangs (Fortron stitch data)
T05 Wilcom ZSK (Fortron stitch data)
T09 Wilcom Pfaff
UXY, U01 ~ U36 Barudan stitch data
VIP Pfaff
VP3 Pfaff, Viking Husqvarna
VP4 Pfaff, Viking Husqvarna
XXX Singer XL, Compucon
ZHS Zeng Hsing
ZXY, Z01 ~ Z36 ZSK TC
10O Toyota
Quilting File Formats
Read Only:
DXF AutoCAD (Quilting)
MQR Machine Quilting Robot
Read and Write:
BQM Bernina Q-Matic
CMD CompuQuilter
CQP CompuQuilter
HQF Handy Quilter
HQV Handy Quilter
IQP IntelliQuilter
PAT ABM Innova
QLI Statler Stitcher, HQ Pro-Stitcher (Quilting)
SSD Side Saddle
TXT PC Quilter
Other Formats
Read and Write:
FCM Brother Cutting Machine
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics
CSV (comming in version 2022) Comma Separated Values
Supported Memory Cards and USB Sticks
Read and Write:
Barudan CF Card
Brother Innovis Memory Card
Elna Xquisite EMD Smart Media Card
Janome JEF CompactFlash Card
Singer XL 5000/6000 EMD Smart Media Card
Universal USB Stick
Viking Designer 1 Floppy Disk
Viking Designer 1 USB Memory Stick
Supported Memory Cards in Embird Software with Ultimate Box
Read and Write:
Babylock EM-1, EM-2, ESi-1, ESi-2, ESE, ESE2, ESL, EAC, Ellure, Ellageo
Bernina Deco 500, Deco 600, Deco 650
Brother PE-100, PE-200, PE-150, PE-180D, PE-190D, PE-300S, PE-400D, PC-7000, PC-7500, PC-8200, PC-6500, PC-8500, PR-600, PR-600C, Super Galaxie 2000, Super Galaxie 2100, Super Galaxie 3000, Super Galaxie 3000D, Super ACE+E, ULT2001, ULT2001D, INNOV-IS 500D, INNOV-IS 4000D
White 3300
Simplicity SE1, SE2, SE3
Husquarna/Viking 1+, Iris, Rose, Orchidea
Privileg Computer Star Plus
Bernina Artista 200 (2-slot Ultimate Box only)
Pfaff 7560, 7562, 7570 (2-slot Ultimate Box only)
Pfaff Creative 2124, Creative 2144, Creative 2140 (2-slot Ultimate Box only)
Supported Image File Formats
Read Only:
ECW (in Studio)
CMX (imported into Studio and Embird as an embroidery design)
WMF (imported into Studio and Embird as an embroidery design)
EMF (imported into Studio and Embird as an embroidery design)
Read and Write:
Write Only:
SVG (exported by Studio for use in graphic programs)
Supported Non-Standard Floppy Disk Formats*
Read and Write:
Barudan FDR
Barudan FDR HD
Barudan FMC
Barudan S-FMC
Juki AMS
M-7000 Style
Melco DOS
Melco SS**
Pfaff KSM
*Warning: Non-standard floppy disks cannot be processed when running under Windows NT/2000/XP.
**Floppy disk controller (FDC) with frequency modulation (FM) support is required for Melco SS disks operations.
As currently used FDCs do not support FM, this format is unreadable on common computer.
Special FDC must be installed into computer to support Melco SS format.

Serial Connection to Embroidery Machines

Read and Write: