Auto Outlining in Studio

I am adding this quick little lesson as a continuation of my previous blog post about converting images into SVG files for Studio. At the end of my previous post I suggested that you could do some of your own editing to the Hibiscus flower I used.

Apart from changing the Parameters such as stitch direction and type I also use the Auto Outline feature in Embird Studio.

When I first opened the design in Studio I had to select each part and change the colors etc. The basic design was like the image below.

I then added a very quick and easy outline to each part of the design.

Select each of the red parts of the Hibiscus and go to the Auto Outline icon at the top of the Design Page.

A Confirm screen will appear noting that the outlines have been created and would you like to arrange them in a compact outline.

Click Yes. You’ll then be asked if you want to create connections if there are any separate objects.

In this case you will not want running stitches connecting the separate objects so you should click NO. Then you can trim the jumps manually or maybe your machine will do so for you rather than having running stitches.

Select all the outline objects, right mouse click and choose Group1. Then change the colour of the outlines by dragging and dropping a new color onto them.

Repeat the outlining as above for any of the other objects if you wish. Of course you can do a lot more by adding shading etc as well. It is almost limitless.

Remember to save your design as you go.

Have fun.