Sfumato Stitch

Hello, I have bernina digitizing software and I am interested in Embird  Sfumato Stitch.  Can Sfumato Stitch run on its own?  Could I  then  save my designs in another format like PES, import them into my original Bernina Artista  software and save to ART for stitch out?


Hi Lauretta,

Sfumato Stitch can’t be used independently from Embird, sorry. As with all Embird plug-ins, you need to have the basic Embird program registered first, before you can purchase and use plug-ins. However, if you have both Embird and Sfumato (part of Studio), you would be able to save a design created in Sfumato to PES, then convert to ART in your Bernina software.


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Embird Conversion pcq

I’m thinking of updating my 7570 Pfaff to a later model machine which has spx maxi sts. Will Embird convert pcq maxis to spx format (I haven’t updated my old Embird yet to find out).

Yes. A list of supported formats in Embird 2013 can be seen here.

Margaret Hardwick-Smith
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Opening Multiple Design Files

I am new to embird. How do I open multiple designs at the same time? From what I’ve read on other posts, I should be able to do so by holding down the control key between selections. This has not worked for me.

PE Design vs Embird

I have recently purchased a Brother LB-6800PRW and was unaware that I needed a digital converter to convert my photo’s to .pes or .dst which are the two formats that my machine takes. I was told that I need to purchase either PE design plus or PE design next. After looking into these programs, I realized how expensive they are! I have seen and heard several people talking about Embird and how it is very similar if not better than the other two. I am trying to figure out if I can use Embird to convert my formats of my photos and use with my machine? I really look forward to your response!

You can definitely use Embird to convert your photos to PES files. You would need the basic Embird program, along with the plug-in Sfumato Stitch.

You can download the latest version of Embird (and any of the plug-ins) and use the program free of charge in trial version for up to 30 days to test the features prior to purchasing registration.

To download, or for more information, please go to this page of the Secrets website.

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Bernina 630 and Embird

Hello. I am upgrading from a Bernina Deco 600 to a Bernina 630. Yippee. However, I do have several PES files that I have purchased. I do have Embird v8 (ok… I took a break from embroidery stuff while raising 3 sons and now baby is off to college and I have time to sew again) Anyway, I plan to upgrade to newest Embird and was wondering if I can use Embird to convert PES files to EXP or DST to use with the 630.

Thank you so much!

Mary Alice 🙂

You can certainly use Embird to convert your PES files to EXP or DST. The only format Embird can’t convert to is ART, as Bernina holds the rights to this format.

You can purchase your upgrade to the latest version of Embird from here.  Once you receive your new password, uninstall your old Embird, then download Embird from here  and enter your password to register the program according to the instructions that come with your password email.

If you have any problems, just send us an email and we will be happy to assist.

The Team @ Secrets of Embroidery