Applique Lessons

Creating an Applique Design

(for Studio V3 & above)

This downloadable tutorial ebook shows you how to create an appliqué design in Embird Studio using the Outline Tool and adjusting the Parameters to suit the design.

Carolyn takes you through this lesson step by step, and shows you how to create a very cute applique lion from clipart.

Carolyn also teaches you how to create the fur effect for the lion’s mane and how to add the other body features for the lion. The tutorial also includes photos showing how the design is stitched out on an embroidery machine.


Applique with Fonts

(for Font Engine & Embird 2006 & above)
A free tutorial for newsletter subscribers from My Secrets.

This lesson Carolyn uses Font Engine to create an applique lettering of her grandsons name, for a Santa Sack. She shows you how to edit the letters so that Embird will stitch all the applique in one stitchout, rather then individual letters.

It takes a little work in Embird to do this, but the result is seamless, and stitches as a quick applique on your machine.


Adjusting Applique Satin Stitch

(Embird 2004 & above)
A free tutorial for newsletter subscribers from My Secrets.

In this lesson Carolyn shows you how to adjust the width of applique stitch in Embird Editor without affecting the rest of your design.

You may have a design where the satin stitch width is not enough to cover the edges of the applique fabric you are using. It is very quick and easy to solve this problem. Let Carolyn show you how to do it.