A very brief blog with some exciting news!

This is the news that you all have been waiting for, for such a long time. And no, its not that I have been in hospital again….haha! It’s not that at all…

A new beta version of Embird has been released to the beta testers of which I am one.

One of the new features that have been included is under the Insert Menu – Insert/Effect. This new feature allows you to have a design on the Design page in Embird Editor and you can create a shape around the design and fill that shape with Motif stitches. I am going to have a play with it and see what I can come up with. Previously we only had the choice of using Motif stitches in Embird Studio, I think. I do not think they were under Parameters in Editor but I’ll check all that out as well. I do have a little issue with Embird’s motif stitches though. Personally I think they are a little linear. They are patterns that follow a straight line. Years ago I asked them to allow us to fill a shape with stitches like stipple etc as I thought that would be great when you are quilting in the hoop and you add your design and you can add stippling all around it. A lot of programs have that feature these days but for some reason Embird have never added it. I think I might rattle their cages again. What do you reckon? Is that something you’d like to see? Is that a Yes Please???

The other new feature that we are to test is also under the Insert Menu. Insert Basting stitches. Now, I know that you already can add basting stitches, but now you can add basting stitches in a number of shapes such as circle, star etc. This I’ll need to explore more as it looks interesting. More to come as I “discover” it…..

The beta version was only released yesterday and I haven’t had time to play yet as my mother-in-law died on Friday last and we had her funeral yesterday. So sad to lose such a great lady however the blessing was that my hubby (her son), myself and Julie were with her and holding her hands when she died.

Ruby Keber