A little Embird trick

Hi everyone,

I’m currently writing another Hooplah post but it is bogging me down a little as I keep having a few hiccups with it so I thought I would save a draft of that post and come back to it later after I have written this shorter post. If I don’t write something soon you’ll think that I have disappeared off the face of the earth again! I haven’t had the best of years but more about that after this…..

While I was fiddling about with my post that I have currently put on the back burner I found an easy way to get a design into Embird. It’s an old trick but I had never tried it before in Embird. You probably already know it but I will show it just in case it helps someone. And it’s quick and easy.

If you use File Explorer in Windows, as I do, to look through your designs I ( know that you can do it in Embird Manager too) then you can locate a design and drag it onto an open Embird Editor page.

Open Embird and move to Embird Editor. Set your preferred Hoop size.

Open File Explorer through the Windows Start menu

Minimise both screens so that both are visible. They don’t have to be fully visible – as long as you can see part of the Embird Editor screen. I have a 17″ laptop so I have enough room to view them both.

Then move to the folder where your designs are saved.

Go to View on the Menu Bar in File Explorer and change the View to Large Icons or even Extra Large Icons, Shown below is the Large Icons view.

Select the design that you wish to use from File Explorer

Hold down the left mouse button on the selected design and drag it from the File Explorer screen across onto the Embird Editor screen. Release the mouse button.

The design is now on your Editor design page. You can repeat this trick to add more designs if you wish or just close the File Explorer screen and carry on in Editor as usual.

I know that there are other ways of getting your designs into Editor but this is another little trick for you to try.

Now I’ll be able to go back and work on my other Hooplah post and try and get it ready for you all – as long as I do not succumb to any more health issues this year.

After my last post I have been in hospital again. I am certainly getting my moneys worth out of the Public Heath system this year. I ended up in hospital again because I fell off my bike in the dark going up my steep and narrow driveway. I am on blood thinners for at least six months due to my Pulmonary Embolisms that I had in June. My doctor told me that I had to high tail it to her if I had any bleeds. Well, I had a massive bruise on my leg from the fall so I thought that I had better check it out with her. My doctor wasn’t happy with the bruise so she told me to go to my local hospital ER to have it checked – just to make sure! Of course, you can guess what happened. They admitted me and this time I was in hospital for five days. They were a little concerned that my Embolisms had caused damage to my heart when they passed through it on the way to the lungs. They thought that I may have had a heart attack!! Scary stuff! Anyway after five days of every test known to man and enough blood tests so that I felt like a porcupine I was declared as fit as a fiddle – or almost!

So I was discharged from hospital and then as soon as I got home I got a very bad strain of influenza that is doing the rounds. That set me on my ear for three and a half weeks. In fact this week is the first week that I have been well enough to be able to go out for a walk in all that time. But I survived again!! Obviously can’t kill me off that easily. However, needless to say that I am heartily sick of our winter and this whole year! Roll on some nice warm weather instead of this continuous rain, rain, rain!

Oh, and by the way, I have promised to walk my bike up my driveway in future. I’m too accident prone on our driveway and if you saw it you’d understand why!!