Heirloom Sewing Techniques

Heirloom Sewing in Todays World.
by Hope Yoder 

Heirloom sewing is a term used to describe many different techniques used when incorporating Swiss or French laces into various techniques and shapes. It can also be referred to "Sewing From Yesteryear". The most popular era in history where heirloom sewing was the main focus in garments was the "Titanic Era".  Remember the romantic white blouses with rows of pintucks and laces?  Heirloom sewing can also refer to special items that were made with love and stored in a cedar "Hope" chest for future generations.
In today's world of instant gratification there are many embroidery designs that help speed up the process of creating new heirloom sewing projects. Hope Yoder  has invented a new technique of combining machine embroidery and English cotton netting (bobbinet) to simulate traditional heirloom "Lace Shaping" in the embroidery hoop. While these designs don't look exactly like their traditional counterparts, they are very delicate and dainty. Her embroidery collections that recreate traditional heirloom techniques in the embroidery hoop are Cathedral Lace Windows, Madeira Applique, Lace Shaping and English Lace Ovals.

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