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For the final few days, we are unlocking our Gold and Diamond Treasure so you can more easily find the design sets you may have missed!  

To access the Treasure Trove, you will need to have already purchased some of the Gold or Diamond treasure hidden throughout our site.  

(You can still do so, using the links for participating designers below) 

Treasure starts at $1 - don't delay as this promotion ends at midnight on the last day of the month.

Click through to our Treasure Trove for any last minute goodies in this months Treasure Hunt - login using the same email used for your order.



Visit this month's participating design stores to find their Gold and Diamond Treasure sets.


  • Start your Treasure Hunt using the display above. It shows a list of all stores participating in the Treasure Hunt.
  • Click on your favorite designer to visit their Store.  Take note of how many Gold and Diamond products can be found in their store. This will be displayed at the top of any participating designer's homepage.
  • Click on the store Catalog link, on the left under the list of Categories. (On a mobile device the Catalog is found by visiting a Store then tapping Designs and scrolling to the bottom). The Catalog shows you a full index of the designs in that particular Store. You can browse by most recent or alphabetical order. 
  • Scroll down the page, using the Show More Products  button at the end of each page.
  • You will know when you have found treasure when you see the Diamond and Gold Coin icons by the Add to Cart button. Add items to your cart as you wish.
  • Then move to another designer from the list of participating designers. This is a methodical way to search our site Store by Store. 
  • We recommend finding at least $25 worth of treasure so you also qualify for a free bonus set.
  • All Treasure Hunt orders will earn customer reward points, which can be redeemed at Secrets.  You can also log into your Wishlist and see if any of your favourite designs are included in the Treasure Hunt.


Be on the lookout for hundreds of Treasure Sets hidden throughout our site. Look for the famous secret Gold Coins to identify $1 treasure, and the valuable Diamonds to mark some of our most popular sets for $5 or $10.
All Treasure sets are excluded from any other sales, or special offers at these stores.

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